Viceroy of Norway

The Viceroy of Norway (Constitutional Danish: Vice-Konge) was the appointed head of the Norwegian Government in the absence of the King, during the era of the Union between Sweden and Norway. The role was essentially the same as that of the Governor-general, which has led to confusion as to who filled which office. Decisive, however, is that the title of Viceroy could only be held by the crown prince, or his oldest son, when he had come of age. Commoners with a similar mandate were merely styled Statholder (Governor-general).

Viceroy of Norway
Johannes flintoe crown for norwegian prince 1846.jpg
Painting of the Norwegian Crown Prince's Crown, by Johannes Flintoe
ResidenceThe Royal Palace
AppointerKing of Norway
Formation4 November 1814
First holderCharles John
Final holderGustav
Abolished30 June 1891


On November 9, 1814, the King appointed Crown Prince Carl Johan to the office, but it was vacated eight days later. Crown Prince Carl was the longest-serving Viceroy, sitting for about a year. The office was vacant most of the time, and it was ultimately abolished on June 30, 1891.

List of ViceroysEdit

Name Portrait Term start Term end Term length
Crown Prince Charles John   9 November 1814 17 November 1814 8 days
10 June 1816 16 July 1816 36 days
Crown Prince Oscar   11 April 1824 1 November 1824 204 days
17 June 1833 3 September 1833 78 days
Crown Prince Charles   17 June 1856 22 June 1857 370 days
Crown Prince Gustav   19 March 1884 26 March 1884 7 days

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