Vesna Pisarović

Vesna Pisarović (born 9 April 1978) is a Croatian pop and jazz singer.

Vesna Pisarović
Birth nameVesna Pisarović
Born (1978-04-09) 9 April 1978 (age 44)
Brčko, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia
GenresPop, Teen pop 1997–2006
Jazz 2012–present
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter
InstrumentsPiano, Vocal
Years active1997–present

Life and careerEdit

1978–1999: Early lifeEdit

Pisarović was born in Brčko, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia and grew up in Požega, SR Croatia, a part of the same country until she was 13.[1] From her earliest childhood she attended a music school, where she played the flute, sang in choirs and participated in various music contests.[2]

In the mid-1990s she moved to Zagreb, Croatia, where she graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.[3] She began singing in clubs and writing songs. In 1997, while performing at the Croatian festival Zadarfest, she met Milana Vlaović.[4] Vlaović started to write songs for Vesna.[5]

2000–2002: Breakthrough and the Eurovision Song ContestEdit

In 2002 Vesna Pisarović won the annual Dora festival, the event that determines Croatia's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.[6] Her song "Everything I Want" placed 11th in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002.[7][8] She wrote the song "In the Disco" for the Bosnian vocalist Deen, which represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004.[9]

2016–2019: Naša velika pjesmarica and Petit StandardEdit

Pisarović's eighth studio and third jazz album, Petit Standard, was released in March 2019 through the German jazz label Jazzwerkstatt.[10] She embarked on her Petit Standard Tour later in July.[11]

2020–present: Upcoming ninth studio albumEdit

On 5 October 2019 in an interview with Narodni radio Pisarović revealed that she has been working on her upcoming pop album since 2006.[12] Since then she has written over 30 songs.[13] The recording process for the album started in early 2020.[14] On 13 February 2021, Pisarović performed a medley during the show program at Dora 2021.[15] In August 2021 in an interview with Slobodna Dalmacija, Pisarović revealed how she has "two thousand music sheets of new music" that she has written in the past few years. She also noted how the album is in the works but not yet ready to be announced.[16] Pisarović's major comeback concert with her mainstream repertoire was supposed to be held in 2020 but was rescheduled multiple times because of the Covid-19 pandemic.[17] In early 2022 the concert was confirmed to be held at the Dom Sportova in Zagreb on 29 April 2022.[18] In May 2022, Pisarović released a remixed version of "Neka ljudi govore" with newly recorded vocals.[19]


Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Association Category Nominee / work Result Ref.
2018 Porin Parlour Album of the Year Naša velika pjesmarica / The Great Yugoslav Songbook Nominated [20]


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