Verkiai Calvary

Verkiai Calvary or Vilnius Calvary is the second oldest calvary in Lithuania after Žemaičių Kalvarija. It is located in Verkiai, a neighborhood of Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. The calvary was built in 1662–69 as a sign of gratitude for the victory in the Second Northern War (1655–60).[1] The calvary includes 20 brick chapels, seven wooden and one brick gate, and one bridge with a wooden chapel.[2] The path ends at the Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross. In 1962 all chapels, except four closest to the church, were destroyed by the Soviet authorities. The calvary was reconstructed in 1990–2002.

Vilnius Calvary in 1840s by Ivan Khrutsky
Three reconstructed chapels (stations 2 to 4) of Verkiai Calvary
Franciszek Jurewicz 1894 painting, depicting pilgrims in the Verkiai Calvary
Curt Sauermilch 1918 painting, depicting pilgrims in the Verkiai Calvary


The calvary has 35 stations:[3]

  1. The Last Supper
  2. On the Way to the Mount of Olives
  3. In the garden of Gethsemane
  4. Arrest of Jesus
  5. Crossing the Kidron Valley
  6. Disciples flee Jesus before the Gate of the Town
  7. At the First Gate of Zion
  8. Jesus taken to Annas
  9. At the High Priest Caiaphas
  10. Jesus imprisoned in the basement of Caiaphas' Palace
  11. The second time at Caiaphas
  12. At the Second Gate of Zion
  13. Jesus before Pilate for the first time
  14. The first time at the Iron Gate
  15. Jesus at Herod's court
  16. Jesus ridiculed by Herod for the second time at the Iron Gate
  17. Jesus taken to Pilate through the Second Town Gate
  18. At the Second Town Gate Jesus found worthier of death than the rebel Barabbas
  19. Jesus flogged at the Gate of the Town Hall
  20. At the Fourth Gate of the Old Town
  21. Jesus sentenced to be crucified
  22. Jesus takes his Cross
  23. Jesus falls for the first time
  24. Jesus meets his mother Mary
  25. Simon of Cyrene helps Christ carry the Cross
  26. Veronica wipes Christ's face with her veil
  27. Jesus falls for the second time
  28. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
  29. Jesus falls for the third time
  30. Jesus stripped of his garments
  31. Jesus nailed to the Cross
  32. Jesus dies on the Cross
  33. Jesus' body is taken down of the cross
  34. Jesus laid in the sepulcher
  35. The discovery of the Holy Cross


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Coordinates: 54°43′51″N 25°17′14″E / 54.73083°N 25.28722°E / 54.73083; 25.28722