Verizon Hearst Media Partners

Verizon Hearst Media Partners (simply VHMP) is an American entertainment and media holding company jointly owned by Verizon Communications (50%) and Hearst Communications (50%). It was founded in March 2016.[4]

Verizon Hearst Media Partners
TypeJoint venture
FoundedMarch 2016[1]
Area served
Key people
  • Brian Angiolet (Co-Chair, Complex Networks/SVP, Verizon Media)[2]
  • Rich Antoniello (CEO, Complex Networks)[3]
SubsidiariesComplex Media


Complex NetworksEdit

Complex Networks, operating as Complex Media, Inc. was co-founded in 2002 by Rich Antoniello and fashion designer Marc Ecko, then fully acquired in 2016 by VHMP in their largest deal up to that point. The deal reportedly valued the company at $250 to $300 million.[5][6][7]

Complex Network's properties include:[8]

Former brands include:


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