Venture (magazine)

Venture magazine is a business management magazine. It focuses on business best practices. It is used by business leaders to learn from their colleagues' successes and challenges.[1]

CategoriesBusiness magazine
FounderJoseph D. Giarraputo
Year founded1979
CompanyNathaniel Press

History and profileEdit

Venture was founded in 1979 by Joseph D. Giarraputo.[2] In 1981 the magazine was acquired by Arthur Lipper[2] and became part VenPub Inc., which was based in Manhattan.[3] It was subtitle For Entrepreneural Business Owners and Investors.[2] Arthur Lipper sold it to Family Media in 1988.[4] The Washington Post reported that its 1988 circulation was 450,000.[4]

In 2011 the parent company of Schofield Media Chicago, Schofield Media Group LLC, ceased operations.[5] Magazine is part of Nathaniel Press and is published with the name Chicago Venture Magazine.


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