Venkatadri Express (film)

Venkatadri Express is a 2013 Telugu romantic comedy film starring Sundeep Kishan and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles. The film's story, screenplay, dialogues and direction were handled by Merlapaka Gandhi, while Gemini Kiran produced this film under the Anandi Art Creations Banner. Ramana Gogula provided the Music while Chota K. Naidu and Gautham Raju handled the Cinematography and Editing Departments Respectively.[2] Apart from this, veteran actor Allari Naresh provided the voice-over for this film.[3] The film received positive reviews from critics and good collection at the box office. The film was also Sundeep Kishan's biggest hit and break as a commercial hero, with Routine Love Story next to it.[4] The film was remade in Kannada as Tirupati Express, with Sumanth Shailendra.[5] This film was remade in Bengali as Love Express and in Odia as Love Station, starring Babushan.

Venkatadri Express
Venkatadri Express poster.jpg
Movie poster
Directed byMerlapaka Gandhi[1]
Produced byGemini Kiran
Written byMerlapaka Gandhi and Sheik Dawood G
StarringSundeep Kishan
Rakul Preet Singh
Thagubothu Ramesh
Music byRamana Gogula
CinematographyChota K. Naidu
Edited byGautham Raju
Release date
29 November 2013
Box office50.77cr


The film focusses on a family living in Hyderabad whose head is Ram Murthy (Nagineedu), a retired head master. He is a disciplined person and always tries to make his relatives behave in the same way. To avoid bad remarks from the society about his family, he sets up a family constitution of discipline. His mania for discipline is such big that if any one of his family members commit 100 Mistakes, that person would be banished from the family and that mistake can be anything which Ram Murthy hates which ironically includes laughing out loudly. Thus all of the family members maintain a disciplinary life to avoid being banished from the house. In detail, the family consists of Ram Murthy's wife Seetha, an Asthma patient; his daughter Kasthuri, his son in law Anand and their kids. Apart from them are Ram Murthy's two sons Brahmaji (Brahmaji) and Sundeep (Sundeep Kishan). Since Ram Murthy's brother Subrahmanyam (Prithviraj) was alleged to be committed 100 Mistakes though he didn't, he is sent away from home. While all of the family members commit mistakes less than 20, Sundeep commits 99 Mistakes and one more, he is out of the family. So to avoid that Sundeep starts leading a careful life. Brahmaji's marriage is scheduled at Tirupathi and the whole family boards Venkatadri Express at Kacheguda. Sundeep's mother forgot the Mangala sutra at the house and Sundeep goes away to bring it back. Moreover, to his convenience, Sundeep is in S4 while others are in S3. So Sundeep goes outside the station and waits for an Auto-Rickshaw, But none accepts to go to his area. Meanwhile, a miser techie Prarthana (Rakul Preet Singh) reaches Kachiguda railway station to board the Venkatadri Express and the Auto-Rickshaw driver goes to bring the change in order to pay her off the balance amount after receiving the fare. Sundeep gets into the vehicle and goes to his home. He breaks the house's lock with a stone as he has no keys to open it. He takes the Mangala sutra and goes back to Kachiguda Railway Station. Prarthana catches yet another auto and reaches to the station. There she pays off the fares of both the vehicles and goes to board the train.

Meanwhile, a passenger Dasthagiri (Sapthagiri) asks Sundeep to take care of his bag till he gets into the train after buying a water bottle and Sundeep accepts it. They both save each other's Mobile numbers so that Sundeep can give a missed call to Dasthagiri if the train leaves the station and due to that, Dasthagiri would board the train. However a tiffin vendor and a customer quarrel. Sundeep in order to avoid committing the 100th mistake keeps quiet. The story shifts to next day morning around 9:30 in the Morning at Tirupathi Railway Station. Ram Murthy and his entire family travel in two cars which are led by two baaraat bands. Ram Murthy, Seetha, Kasthuri and her younger son travel in one car and Sundeep, Brahmaji, Anand, Anand's son Nikhil and their servant travel in another car. Sundeep's shirt has Blood stains and when Anand, Brahmaji ask the reasons for the stains, Sundeep narrates the story which happened in the past 12 hours. To compromise and stop a quarrel, Sundeep gets down from the train and starts speaking with the aggrieved persons. Prarthana misguides the customer that Sundeep is a Robber and goes along with the customer to complain on Sundeep. Meanwhile, Sundeep is thanked by the tiffin vendor. But to Sundeep's misfortune, Venkatadri Express leaves the platform. So with the help of the tiffin vendor's friend and goods transporter Audi short for Aunimutyam (Thagubothu Ramesh), Sundeep goes to Shadnagar. While Sundeep reaches Shadnagar, Audi goes to the nearby Bar and quarrels with the local police calling their brandy as cheap liquor. Sundeep saves Audi in time only to realize that the vehicle's keys are in the Bar. Yet again Audi insults the police. In the meanwhile time Sundeep is informed by Dasthagiri that Train left Shadnagar and is heading towards Jadcherla.

Sundeep and Audi unknowingly get into a car and drive away to Kurnool in order to catch the train. However once again to Sundeep's misfortune, They robbed the Police's vehicle and the police are following them. They leave the car and reach the station of Kurnool. A Drunken Audi gets into Venkatadri Express making Sundeep miss the train again. In the process Sundeep gets hurt and faints. On gaining consciousness, Sundeep is shocked to see that he is been taken to Shadnagar police station by those Police. Yet again Sundeep escapes and hangs on a Private Bus. The Bus stops and Sundeep gets into it for travelling to Dhone Junction, yet another important stop of Venkatadri Express. To his shock Prarthana is his co-passenger. Both unnecessarily quarrel and hence are forcibly dropped out from the Bus. They board a car whose Tyre gets punctured. Sundeep goes away with the Tyre telling that he would get it repaired but in turn reaches Dhone Junction Railway Station. Yet again luck misfires and he boards the Venkatadri Express which goes from Tirupathi to Kacheguda. He gets down from the train in time and goes to the next platform to board the Venkatadri Express which goes to Tirupathi. But he couldn't go as he forgot the Bag of Dasthagiri and more to it Prarthana reaches to Dhone Junction with the bag only to stop Sundeep from boarding the Train. Sundeep in agony slaps Prarthana and yells at her that he needs to reach Tirupathi in time. Prarthana too responds rashly that Sundeep too left her on a highway without any mercy at midnight not even thinking about her safety. Both come to an Understanding later and travel. In the mean way while Sundeep is away for a nature call, Prarthana is kidnapped by some men. Luckily Sundeep reaches in time and rescues her. Sundeep and Prarthana flee away using one of the goon's bikes and reach Kadapa next morning.

Venkatadri Express was said to be late for 2 Hours. In the balance time, Sundeep narrates his whole story to Prarthana who now understands his situation. At the railway station Sundeep and Prarthana save two eloped lovers from the henchmen of the girl's father. They escape from the railway station and with the help of a Thrill seeking Cab owner Bhadra (M. S. Narayana), Sundeep conducts the lovers' marriage and gives away the Mangala sutra which he has to give to his brother. Brahmaji is furious after listening this but after that Sundeep shows yet another Mangala sutra and continues the story. After the happy ending of the lovers' marriage, Sundeep and Prarthana are worried about the future consequences and are just 15 km away from Tirupathi. But Dasthagiri informs them that Venkatadri Express is scheduled to arrive in nearly 10 minutes. Now they find that Subrahmanyam is a lorry driver who gave them lift to reach the station. Subrahmanyam is a bachelor who dreamed to get married and he gives away the Mangala sutra he purchased. Sundeep reaches on time and boards the train just before it stops in Tirupathi Railway Station. He acts as if though he was sleeping and the rest happened. Now the marriage of Brahmaji is being conducted and Prarthana, Subrahmanyam attend the marriage. The bride's father (Jaya Prakash Reddy) is in worry as the bride eloped with her lover and his men are searching for her. To the shock of Sundeep, the bride is none other than the girl whose marriage was conducted by him and Prarthana at Kadapa. Now Ram Murthy comes to know that the girl eloped with her lover and the marriage is halted.

Seetha comes to know the fact that the girl's marriage was conducted by Sundeep and gets a severe Asthma attack. She is joined at the Government Hospital. When Seetha was taken to the Hospital, the bride's father comes to know about Sundeep's act by his henchmen and is furious. In the chase, Brahmaji comes to know the fact and Audi who reached Tirupathi in Venkatadri Express is following the chase. During the chase, Ram Murthy lets Sundeep escape Red Traffic Signals and a Traffic Constable is hurt by them. After she is admitted into the Hospital, Sundeep fights with the bride's father's henchmen and Ram Murthy doesn't stop him from doing so. Later Ram Murthy comes to know the truth and Sundeep's mistakes turn 100. Sundeep then reminds that Ram Murthy broke his Discipline and ideals during the chase and the fight and he can't leave the family because what he did was just helping the ones in need. The bride's father accept the Lover's marriage. Ram Murthy increases the Mistakes level from 100 to 1000 letting Sundeep and Subrahmanyam re enter the house. Seetha is discharged immediately. Audi joins the family as a servant. The film shifts to 3 months later on the day of Brahmaji's engagement at Ram Murthy's house. Brahmaji orders his servant to show his would-be to Sundeep first in order to avoid the previous incident. Audi leaves Drinking and keeps on working there. Dasthagiri comes to meet Sundeep as because of him, Dasthagiri was restless on that day and thus appeared very tiresome at the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams interview which made the selectors think that he studied well prompting them to appoint him. Sundeep is terrified and tensed and when his lover Prarthana asks him the reason, he replies in a tensed manner that he committed his 999th Mistake.



The film gets a clean U Certificate from Central Board of Film Certification, .[6] The film released in 450 screens worldwide on 29 November 2013.[7] The film has got positive response not only from film goers and critics, but has also been raved by many leading actors. Sundeep Kishan, who has played the hero in it, says that he received a call from Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja, who calls the film superb entertainer. Ever since Venkatadri Express hit the screens, Sundeep Kishan has been getting congratulatory messages and calls from fans and people from the film industry. This morning, the elated actor tweeted, "Ravi Teja garu called saying he loved #VenkatadriExpress, called it a superb entertainer..thank you Ravi Garu, means a lot coming from you.[8]

Critical receptionEdit

The film received positive reviews from critics and audiences.

The Hindu gave a review stating "We don’t know if director Merlapaka Gandhi felt like a headmaster, dealing with a bogie-full of characters. As Venkatadri Express chugs along, we wonder how he’s going to weave in innumerable characters into a tightly-knit plot. This isn’t comedy that will knock your socks off; nor is it an assembly of mindless gags. Venkatadri Express is backed by reasonably good writing and acting makes for an entertaining watch."[9] gave a review stating "The defining moments of the film come when Sundeep restrains himself all the time from committing the hundredth mistake. Venkatadri Express starts with a gripping narration and towards the end it meanders into a dripping zone. Further, the weight of the climax pulls it down. However, the movie stays faithful to its genre and provides a thrilling experience. The movie falls short of being an edge-of-the-seat thriller but has its moments" and rated the film 3/5.[10] Film Fog stated "'Venkatadri Express' is a Family Entertainer and it analysed and published "Director Merlapaka Gandhi has come up with a unique story line and while the presentation was rich, Though you can find few flaws during the establishment of story. The dialogues were just okay but the twists and emotions were worked very well. The script was made with good amount of entertainment but the screenplay was not up to the mark. Ramana Gogula background score was good and songs were worth watching more than hearing. Chota K Naidu's Cinematography was the main strength to this film. Editing was required during second half. Costumes were well designed while the art department was natural. Sundeep Kishan is good with his casual acting. Rakul Preet Singh is beautiful, she has potential. As usual, Nagineedu was natural. Positives of the film are Thagubothu Ramesh - Sapthagiri comedy, lead performances and Music. Others did their bit as required and added value."[11] gave a review stating "Venkatadri Express has a good and entertaining first half. This part is backed up by good pace and nice comedy. However, what looks like a promising ride starts going downhill in the second half. The film loses pace and it starts becoming very predictable. In the end, Venkatadri Express becomes an okay watch. If you go in without any expectations, you may enjoy the ride" and rated the film 3/5 calling it a "Decent Attempt".[12] gave a review stating "Debutant director Merlapaka Gandhi comes up with a movie that has right gradients (entertainment and family emotions) in the right mix. He has got decent screenplay/story writing skills. You might feel that movie is over once Sundeep reaches the marriage venue in Tirupati. But the movie picks up after a brief lull to give a perfect 'happy ending'. On a whole, Venkatadri Express is a decent film with nice entertainment. You may watch it!!" and rated the film 3.25/5 calling it a "Fun Express".[13] Oneindia Entertainment gave a review stating "Venkatadri Express is a decent fun-filled family entertainer and debutant Merlapaka Gandhi has done brilliant work in his first attempt. This film will surely give a big break to him, Sundeep and Rakul" and rated the film 3/5 calling the film "A Perfect Entertainer For Family Audience".[14] gave a review stating "Not to be mistaken, Venkatadri Express is as commercial a cinema as any other product from Tollywood, but this one does not need you to leave your brains at home. Though there is nothing in this movie that is "Inceptionesque (my term)", the director has delivered a product that will have you enjoy your money's worth. It might not be a path breaking movie, but it sure does not break your patience. Watch it and enjoy the ride! Three cheers for those who made this film happen" and rated the film 4/5 adding that Sundeep Kishan "shines".[15] gave a review stating "Casting and budget wise, Venkatadri Express might be small or medium. But it is huge in terms of content and quality. I’m scared to state is as an entertainer because you may misunderstand Venkatadri Express as another masala entertainer. It is a path-breaking entertainer which doesn’t bore you at any point. Go and board Venkatadri Express with your friends and family. I bet you are going to have a Happy Journey" and rated the film 3.5/5 calling it a "path breaking entertainer".[16] gave a review stating "There is a good balance in the way he [Merlapaka Gandhi] weaved the entire story with reasoning and logic. But in that process, he seems to have sidelined the need for energy and entertainment that hooks the audience. The film takes off on a moderate note but the actual momentum picks up with the train journey. Still, those who walk out of the theatres would not grumble and would feel this is a passable treat" and rated the film 3/5 and called it "A feel good film" and "Will Impress".[17] gave a review stating "All in all, it’s a family entertainer. But in the 2nd half some scenes bit dragged and emotional not connected to the audience. As a debut director Gandhi made his Best. It’s a Worth watch-able movie with full filled comedy and family elements" and rated the film 3/5.[18] gave a review stating "Director's over dependence on comedy handicapped the movie to some extent. Barring these negatives, this movie is an entertaining ride. Train journeys are often boring and those unwanted stops due to 'crossings' wouldn't be exciting. Watching Venkatadri Express too has some of those boring moments, but on a whole it will entertain and keep you engaged most of the time" and rated the film 3/5 calling it a "Joyful ride".[19] reviewed it stating the film as a superhit with a rating of 3/5

APHerald gave a review stating "First half of the Venkatadri Express is average. Second half is dragged, but the things got straightened as the movie approached climax. Positives of the film are Thagubothu Ramesh – Sapthagiri comedy, lead performances and Music. On the flip side, loose script, climax and narration in the second half mars the film. On the whole, You may watch Venkatadri Express in your leisure time" and rated the film 2/5.[20] gave a review stating "The plot of the movie appears quite simple but a good screenplay and comedy did the trick. First half of the movie is good with well timed humour. Things seem to have hurried up in the second half and the climax seem to be clichéd making the movie average. A time pass flick for this weekend!" and rated the film 3/5.[21] gave a review stating "Venkatadri Express has wafer thin storyline but director’s treatment worked well and it doesn’t go off the track. Screenplay is racy and the situational comedy works well in the first half. Debutant Merlapaka Gandhi proves his mettle with the debut film. Emotional scenes and father-son plot were handled quite well. All in all, Venkatadri Express is a fun watch despite its flaws, and coming from a debutant director, we call it a commendable attempt" and rated the film 3/5.[22]

Box officeEdit

The film opened well with collecting 3.50 crore on opening day. The film showed an improvement on second day with collections of 4.5 crore. On third day the film received overwhelming response and collected over 5.5 crore. The film first weekend collection was around 13.5 crore at the box office.[23] The film did great business in first week and collected 25 crore at the box office. The film collected worldwide 50 crore till end of its run. The film is declared 'Super Hit' at the box office. The film becomes biggest blockbuster ever in Sundeep Kishan's career after Routine Love Story.[24]


Venkatadri Express
Soundtrack album To Venkatadri Express by
Released1 November 2013
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelAditya Music
ProducerRamana Gogula
Ramana Gogula chronology
1000 Abbadhalu
Venkatadri Express

Ramana Gogula composed the music for this film. The audio was launched on 1 November 2013 by Aditya Music which was followed by a promotional audio launch event held at Hyderabad on the same day.[25]

Track list
1."Right Ayinaa Left Ayinaa"Sri ManiRanjith03:58
2."Mellamellaga"Kasarla ShyamSwetha Mohan, Anjana Soumya03:30
3."Nachave Ammakachallo"BhaskarabhatlaNarendra, Sravana Bhargavi03:55
Total length:11:24


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