Velika Remeta Monastery

The Velika Remeta Monastery (Serbian: Манастир Велика Ремета/Manastir Velika Remeta) is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located in the village of Velika Remeta on the mountain Fruška Gora in northern Serbia. It is one of several monasteries of Fruška Gora. Traditionally, its founding is linked to King Stefan Dragutin.[1] The earliest historical records about the monastery date to 1562. It was declared Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1990, and it is protected by the Republic of Serbia.[2]

Velika Remeta Monastery
Velika Remeta monastery, general look.jpg
Monastery in 2007
AffiliationSerbian Orthodox Church
PatronKing Stefan Dragutin
LocationVelika Remeta, Serbia
Velika Remeta Monastery is located in Serbia
Velika Remeta Monastery
Shown within Serbia
Geographic coordinatesCoordinates: 45°08′32″N 19°55′03″E / 45.14222°N 19.91750°E / 45.14222; 19.91750


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