Veligallu Dam Reservoir

The Veligallu Dam Reservoir Project is an irrigation project across Papagni River near Galiveedu in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh, India. The project's goal is to allow for the irrigation of a total of 24,000 acres (Galiveedu, Lakkireddypalli and Ramapuram Mandals of Rayachoti Taluk) in Rayachoti Taluk of Kadapa district and for drinking water provision for a population of 1 Lakh.[1] The project's anticipated gross storage capacity is 4.64 Tmcft.[2]

Veligallu Dam
Veligallu Dam Reservoir is located in India
Veligallu Dam Reservoir
Location of Veligallu Dam in India
Official nameVeligallu Dam
Coordinates14°01′53″N 78°28′37″E / 14.03139°N 78.47694°E / 14.03139; 78.47694Coordinates: 14°01′53″N 78°28′37″E / 14.03139°N 78.47694°E / 14.03139; 78.47694
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsPapagni River


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