Veinte Reales

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Veinte Reales is one of the constituent barangays in the city of Valenzuela, Metro Manila in the Philippines. The barangay is home to industrial factories of wire, fishball, packaging and rubber products.[1]

Viente Reales
Viente Reales is located in 1st Legislative district of Valenzuela, Philippines
Viente Reales
Viente Reales
Location of Veinte Reales in the 1st Valenzuela legislative district
Coordinates: 14°42′56″N 120°57′58″E / 14.71556°N 120.96611°E / 14.71556; 120.96611
Country Philippines
RegionNational Capital Region
Congressional districtsPart of the 1st district of Valenzuela
 • Barangay
Pio San Diego Jr.
 • Barangay
Jojit Sanchez, Shie Eleuterio, Kisha Ancheta, Rodelio Lucero, Vic Felix, Onie Lumacad and Willy Padilla
 • Total1.9290 km2 (0.7448 sq mi)
 • Total17,800
 • Density9,200/km2 (24,000/sq mi)
ZIP code
Area code(s)2


The origin of the name Veinte Reales came from a legend that their ancestors paid "veinte reales" or twenty reales (2.50 pesos) for the land to the Spaniards during the Spanish occupation of the Philippines. Another legend was that there was a magic well that contains delicious water that can quickly heal any sickness. But in order for you to drink it, you must pay Veinte Reales (20 reales).


Facade, Barangay Hall

The barangay has two public educational facilities for elementary - Tugatog Elementary School and Paltok Elementary School. And one facility for high school - Veintereales National High School


The barangay is home to industrial factories of home furnitures, steel, plastics, wire, fish balls, packaging and rubber products. Flexo Manufacturing Corporation, Meralco and Innovative are among the companies that are located in this barangay [1]


Famous landmarks in Veinte Reales include the Parish of the Risen Lord Church, Valenzuela Memorial Park, Lena Basketball Court and Bernabe Basketball Court.


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