Vehicle registration plates of North Macedonia

North Macedonia's vehicle registration plates consist of a two-letter region code, followed by a 4-digit numeric and a 2-letter alpha code (e.g. SK 1234 AB). Issuance of the new plates started on 20 February 2012, and they introduced a fourth digit and the blue field on the left side. The standard registration plates dimensions are 520 by 110 millimetres (20.5 in × 4.3 in).[1] The international country code NMK is applied (formerly MK) on the blue field on the left side of the plate. NMK is only used in the car plates, while MK is still used for all other purposes. In February 2019, the country code was changed from MK to NMK, in accordance with the Prespa agreement which changed the country's name to Republic of North Macedonia.[2][3] The new code is a mixture of English (North) and Macedonian (Makedonija).

Republic of North Macedonia
North Macedonia plate 2019.jpg
NMK regular legal standard number plate.
Country North Macedonia
Country codeNMK
Current series
Size520 mm × 110 mm
20.5 in × 4.3 in
Serial formatNot standard
Colour (front)Black on white
Colour (rear)Black on white

Current plate of North Macedonia (February 2019–)
Former plate of the Republic of Macedonia (2012–2019)
Former plate of the Republic of Macedonia (1993–2012), but still in use
Map of current registration codes (2020–)
Map of registration codes by municipality (2019–2020)
Map of registration codes by municipality (2015–2019)
Map of old registration codes by municipality (2013–2015)
Map of old registration codes by municipality (2012–2013)
Map of old registration codes by municipality (1993–2012)

A red and yellow badge appears between the area code and the numeric part, containing the equivalent Cyrillic letters to the four Latin letters. The letters Q, W, X and Y are not used as they have no equivalents in Cyrillic.

From 1993 to 20 February 2012, the ten existing codes were: BT, GV, KU, OH, PP, SK, SR, ST, TE, and VE.

On 20 February 2012, in addition to the ten existing codes, seven new codes were introduced: GE, KA, KI, KO, KP, RA, and SU.

On 1 March 2013, in addition to the seventeen existing codes, six new codes were introduced: BE, DE, NE, RE, SN, and VI.

On 1 September 2013, in addition to the twenty-three existing codes, one new code was introduced: VV.

On 4 July 2015, in addition to the twenty-four existing codes, seven new codes were introduced: DB, DK, MB, MK, KR, PS, and VA.

On 30 May 2019, in addition to the thirty-one existing codes, two new codes were introduced: DH and KS.

On 1 June 2020, in addition to the thirty-three existing codes, one new code was introduced: PE.


Vehicle registration plate codes by municipalities in English alphabetical order:[4]

Code Region Municipalities covered by the code Appearance
BE Berovo Berovo  
BT Bitola Bitola, Mogila, Novaci  
DB Debar Debar, Centar Župa  
DE Delčevo Delčevo  
DH Demir Hisar Demir Hisar
DK Demir Kapija Demir Kapija  
GE Gevgelija Gevgelija, Bogdanci, Dojran  
GV Gostivar Gostivar, Vrapčište, Mavrovo and Rostuša  
KA Kavadarci Kavadarci, Rosoman  
KI Kičevo Kičevo  
KO Kočani Kočani, Zrnovci, Češinovo-Obleševo  
KR Kratovo Kratovo  
KP Kriva Palanka Kriva Palanka, Rankovce  
KS Kruševo Kruševo
KU Kumanovo Kumanovo, Lipkovo, Staro Nagoričane  
MB Makedonski Brod Makedonski Brod, Plasnica
MK Makedonska Kamenica Makedonska Kamenica
NE Negotino Negotino  
OH Ohrid Ohrid, Debarca  
PE Pehčevo Pehčevo  
PP Prilep Prilep, Dolneni, Krivogaštani  
PS Probištip Probištip
RA Radoviš Radoviš, Konče  
RE Resen Resen  
SK Skopje Skopje, Aračinovo, Zelenikovo, Ilinden, Petrovec, Sopište, Studeničani, Čučer-Sandevo  
SN Sveti Nikole Sveti Nikole, Lozovo  
SU Struga Struga  
SR Strumica Strumica, Bosilovo, Vasilevo, Novo Selo  
ST Štip Štip, Karbinci  
TE Tetovo Tetovo, Bogovinje, Brvenica, Želino, Jegunovce, Tearce  
VA Valandovo Valandovo
VE Veles Veles, Gradsko, Čaška  
VI Vinica Vinica  
VV Vevčani Vevčani  

Obsolete licence plate codesEdit

Code Location Notes
ŠT Štip Changed to ST with the new style plates in 2012, to avoid the use of diacritics. (The Cyrillic also changed correspondingly from ШТ to СТ.)
TV Titov Veles The city changed its name back from Titov Veles to Veles in 1996. These plates were phased out. Veles was assigned the new code VE.

Critical receptionEdit

The new europlates are criticised from several design experts and the Macedonian public who insist on using hybrid alphabet instead of Latin script (only the common letters for Cyrillic and Latin scripts to be used). They sent a remark to the constitutional court of North Macedonia and the decision is yet to be declared.[citation needed] The MK/NMK code is also disputed for being placed low.[5] Due to the Macedonia naming dispute, Greece followed a standard policy in which Greek border guards covered the letters MK on vehicle plates with a sticker, in Greek and English, reading: "Recognized by Greece as FYROM”.[6]

Special platesEdit

  • Diplomatic corps plate had black background and plate consists of two numbers indicating the country or diplomatic mission, two letters CC (for consular corps) or CD (for Diplomatic Corps) and then numbers.
  • Dealer plates had the band of text of region and then "ПРОБА". The bottom group exactly like older Yugoslav plates, but without the star.
  • Temporary plates use a system whereby the final letter of the group of two is replaced by the digit 9.
  • Police plates have six numbers in two groups and the font is blue. (rear only)
  • Taxi plates are the same as civilian plates, the only difference is that they have a yellow background.

List of Diplomatic Corps and International Organizations codesEdit

Code Country or International Organization
01   Slovenia
02   Turkey
03   United Kingdom
04   Germany
05   Denmark
06   China
07   Bulgaria
08   Sweden
09   France
10   Switzerland
11   Netherlands
12   Albania
13   Belgium
14   Bosnia
15   Russia
16   Italy
17   Finland
18   Japan
19   Romania
20   Czech Republic
21   Spain
22   Austria
23   Croatia
24   Egypt
25   United States
26   South Korea
27   Greece
28   Hungary
29   Serbia
30   Iran
31   Poland
32   Thailand
33   Canada
34   Norway
35   Israel
36   European Union
37   Sovereign Military Order of Malta
38   Ukraine
39   Slovakia
40   Australia
41   Georgia
42   Ireland
43   Ghana
44   Montenegro
45   Moldova
46   Lithuania
47   Qatar
48   Vietnam
50   Kosovo
51   Azerbaijan
52   Peru
53   Latvia
55   India
56   Uruguay
57   Iceland
58   Morocco
60    Vatican City
61   Jordan
62   Indonesia
63   Estonia
64   Gabon
65   Mongolia
66   South Africa
67   Guinea
68   Bangladesh
69   Cuba
70   Saudi Arabia
71   Angola
72   Togo
73   Armenia
74   Belarus
75   United Arab Emirates
76   Burkina Faso
Code International Organization
81 European Agency for Reconstruction
85   WHO / World Health Organization
86   NATO / North Atlantic Treaty Organization
87 IOM / International Organization for Migration
88 WFP / World Food Programme
89   ICRC
90 European Central Bank
92 OSCE / Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
94 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
95   United Nations
96 IMF
100   Council of Europe
101 UNDP
102 Goethe Institut
103 United Nations Office for Project Services
107 UN Resident Cordinator officee
114 Balkan Medical Task Force



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