Vegetable Cookery: With an Introduction, Recommending Abstinence from Animal Food and Intoxicating Liquors is the first vegetarian cookbook, authored anonymously by Martha Brotherton (1783–1861) of Salford.

Vegetable Cookery: With an Introduction, Recommending Abstinence from Animal Food and Intoxicating Liquors
AuthorMartha Brotherton[1]
GenreCookery books
PublisherEffingham Wilson
Publication date
1812, 1833



It was the first published vegetarian cookbook.[2][3] Martha and Joseph Brotherton were leading members of William Cowherd's Bible Christian Church.[3][4]

The recipes are ovo-lacto vegetarian. Many of the recipes involve copious amounts of butter. Historians have noted that "Brotherton's book served as a guide for Americans who began to self-identify as vegetarian in the early decades of the nineteenth century."[5] Kathryn Gleadle has written that the book "was enormously important to the movement, forming the basis of most subsequent works on vegetable cookery."[6]

Publication history


It was first published as A New System of Vegetable Cookery in periodical form in 1812.[2] A second book edition appeared in 1821 and a third was published by Horatio Phillips of London in 1829 under its best known title Vegetable Cookery.[2]

The first edition was published anonymously by a "member of the Bible Christian Church".[2] The fourth edition published in 1833 by Effingham Wilson, contained 1,261 recipes and was also published anonymously "by a lady".[2] Martha's husband Joseph Brotherton wrote the introduction for the book. Two further editions appeared in 1839 and 1852.[2] The 1852 edition contains a foreword by James Simpson, the first president of the Vegetarian Society.[7]


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