Vegeta is a brand of savoury condiments of dehydrated vegetables, spices, and MSG, produced by Croatian food company Podravka. It is considered a staple of Eastern European cuisine.[1][2]

Vegeta Product Packaging

The product was originally developed at Podravka's labs in Koprivnica, then part of Yugoslavia, in 1958. Zlata Bartl, a Bosnian Croat chemical technician who created a popular line of dehydrated soup packets, led the team that developed Vegeta.[3] It was first sold in 1959 under the name "Vegeta 40", and first exported in 1967 to Hungary and the Soviet Union.[4] Vegeta has been produced by Podravka in Koprivnica since its introduction, and is also manufactured in Poland, Austria, Hungary,[5] and Tanzania.[6]

Vegeta was a commercial success for Podravka and led to an economic boom in Koprivnica.[citation needed] Bartl, who became known as "Auntie Vegeta" (Croatian: Teta Vegeta),[3] was made an honorary citizen of the city before her death in 2008.[7] Nielsen named Vegeta the best-selling universal food seasoning in Europe in 2021,[8] and the products are sold in 40 countries worldwide.[4]

There is also a "no MSG added" version for those avoiding monosodium glutamate.[9]



The ingredients of Vegeta include (according to the 2008 product packaging):

Average contents of 100 g of Vegeta
Energetic value 583 kJ (137 kcal)
Protein 9 g
Carbohydrate 24.5 g
Fat 0.6 g
Sodium 23 g


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