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Vavel (stylized VAVEL) is a website containing the latest in sports news formed by 16 editions; Spain, United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Italy, France, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and an edition representing Middle Eastern countries. VAVEL is able to readers in 7 different languages.

Vavel logo.png
The International Sports Newspaper
Screenshot as of January 2017
Type of site
Sports news
Available inArab, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.
Created byJavier Robles
Alexa rankIncrease 11,314 (March 2019)[1]
LaunchedJune 28, 2009; 10 years ago (2009-06-28)
Current statusActive

In August 2016, VAVEL expanded its reach to offer a complete multimedia experience for readers and viewers by launching a daily digital broadcast[2] available through Facebook and YouTube live channels.



The site was created by Javier Robles, a sports journalist, while studying at the University of Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid (2008–2009).

The website was launched in April 2009 as a social media platform revolving around sports where users could configure their profiles with team logos and preferences. There was also multimedia tools in which users could personalize their own blog, upload images and videos, and interact with other users through direct messaging within their profile.

At the same time that this social media platform was launched in, in the domain, a sports newspaper was released. The first article was published on June 28, 2009[3] and the writing staff consisted of college students entirely. Later the newspaper changed to domain.

VAVEL was selected by the Foreign Trade Institute of the Spanish Government [4] in its Spain Tech Center immersion program in Silicon Valley at the end of 2017 as startup with the possibility to settle in the American market.

On March 2019, the Singapore edition of VAVEL was launched by Jovier Robles after naming A.Z. Mohamed Sohail Shamsudeen[5] as VAVEL Singapore's Editor-In-Chief.[6] The first article was published on March 11, 2019.[6]

Name OriginEdit

The name VAVEL originated as an allusion to the Tower of Babel, the etiological myth where one united humanity in which the people spoke one language migrated and then settled in the land of Shinar.

They then decided to build a city and tower that supposedly could reach into heaven. It is said in this chapter of Genesis that God became upset with the people and as a result decided to confuse their current form of communication. This is said to be the origin of different languages.


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