Vatnsdæla saga

Vatnsdæla saga (Icelandic: [ˈvassˌtaiːla ˌsaːɣa]; About this soundlisten ; Old Norse: Vatnsdœla saga) is one of the sagas of Icelanders. The saga remains in manuscripts AM 559 4to and 138 fol. [1][2]

Vatnsdæla Saga is essentially a family chronicle probably written just after the middle of the thirteenth century. It relates to residents of Vatnsdalur, a valley that runs south from Húnaflói, a large bay in the north of Iceland. The principal protagonist is Ingemund (Ingimundr Þorsteinsson) who fought for King Harald Fairhair of Norway at the Battle of Hafrsfjord winning his friendship and an amulet. At the instigation of a sorceress, he moved to Iceland to settle at Vatnsdalur in Húnaþing. The saga follows several generations of his family until the arrival of Christianity in the late tenth century.[3][4]


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