Varmahlíð (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈvarmaˌl̥iːθ]) is a small village near Skagafjörður in northern Iceland.

Location of the Municipality of Skagafjörður
Location of the Municipality of Skagafjörður
Varmahlíð is located in Iceland
Coordinates: 65°32′N 19°28′W / 65.533°N 19.467°W / 65.533; -19.467
Country Iceland
ConstituencyNorthwest Constituency
RegionNorthwestern Region
 (January 2011)
 • Total137
WebsiteOfficial website
Stephan Stephansson monument at Vatnsskarð pass
View east across Skagafjörður, from Vatnsskarð pass, just south of Varmahlíð

Around 140 people live on the eastern slope of the hill for which the town is named (varmur=warm, hlíð=slope).

Varmahlíð is on the ring road Route 1, at the junction of Route 75 leading to Sauðárkrókur, about 24 km to the north. Varmahlíð is in the middle of a flourishing agricultural area, where the Icelandic horse has been treasured for centuries. One of the main industries is horse-rearing. The area has an abundance of geothermal hot water. Hence Varmahlíð has a number of greenhouses with tropical and sub-tropical fruits and vegetables.[1]

Varmahlíð stands high on the western side of a valley, at the crossroads at the foot of Vatnsskarð pass. Near Varmahlíð stands the turf roofed church at Víðimýri, built in 1834, which has a magnificent altarpiece dating from 1727. The monument to Icelandic poet Stephan Stephansson is located at Vatnsskarð pass.

Miðgarður, a concert hall, can be found at Varmahlíð. One of Iceland's most famous men's choirs, Karlakórinn Heimir, is based there.


Coordinates: 65°33′09″N 19°26′42″W / 65.5525°N 19.4449°W / 65.5525; -19.4449