Vanguard (Nigeria)

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Vanguard is a daily newspaper published by Vanguard Media, based in Lagos, Nigeria. Vanguard Media was established in 1983 by veteran journalist Sam Amuka-Pemu with three friends.[1] The paper has an online edition.[2] The newspaper is one of the few in Nigeria that is considered independent of political control, the others being Thisday, The Punch, The Sun and The Guardian.[3] In June 1990, the paper was briefly suspended by Col. Raji Rasaki, Military Governor of Lagos State.[4]

TypeDaily newspaper
PublisherVanguard Media

In December 2008, the US-based published a story that alleged the wife of the publisher of Vanguard Newspapers was involved in a ritual killing. The Vanguard took the reporter to court, claiming he was attempting extortion.[5] In December 2009, a Niger Delta peace activist commended Vanguard Newspaper for its reporting on the government's intentions, which he said helped persuade the militants to accept amnesty.[6]


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