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The Vanderbilt Law Review is the flagship academic journal of Vanderbilt University Law School. The law review, which is published six times per year,[1] is ranked twentieth among general-topic law reviews based upon the number of times its articles are cited.[2] Articles appearing in the Vanderbilt Law Review have been cited by the Supreme Court, all thirteen federal circuit courts of appeal, and hundreds of other law reviews and journals.[3] In 2008, the Vanderbilt Law Review launched Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc, an online companion to the law review.[4] En Banc publishes short symposia on Supreme Court cases, responses to articles in the Vanderbilt Law Review, book reviews and comments, and shorter essays on developing topics in legal scholarship. The current editor in chief of the Vanderbilt Law Review is Breanna Philips.[5]

Vanderbilt Law Review  
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1947 to present
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Vand. L. Rev.
Vanderbilt Law Rev.

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