Vandellòs Nuclear Power Plant

The Vandellòs Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant in Vandellòs located close to the Coll de Balaguer pass (Baix Camp comarca) in Catalonia, Spain.

Vandellòs Nuclear Power Plant
Central nuclear de Vandellós-Flickr-nirvanis-233233876.jpg
Coordinates40°57′5″N 0°52′0″E / 40.95139°N 0.86667°E / 40.95139; 0.86667Coordinates: 40°57′5″N 0°52′0″E / 40.95139°N 0.86667°E / 40.95139; 0.86667
Construction began1967
Commission dateAugust 2, 1972
Owner(s)Endesa (72%)
Power generation
Units operational1 x 1087 MW
Units decommissioned1 x 500 MW
Nameplate capacity
  • 1,045 MW
Annual net output7,023 GWh
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Unit one was a 508 MWe carbon dioxide gas cooled reactor modeled on the UNGG reactor at the Saint Laurent Nuclear Power Plant in France. It was shut down on July 31, 1990, following an accident that damaged one of its two turbogenerators on 19 October 1989. Important nuclear safety functions in the plant were impaired by the fire, and the event was later classified as a level 3 event in the International Nuclear Event Scale.[1]

Unit two is a 1087 MWe PWR. The station's owners are: 72% Endesa and 28% Iberdrola.

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