Van Vigyan Kendra

Van Vigyan Kendra (VVK)[1][2][3] or Forest Science Centres (FSC) has been established by Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE)[4] of the Ministry of Environment and Forests[5] Govt. of India. It intends to help disseminate various technologies developed by farmers, forest based industries and forest research institutes.[6]

Objectives and thrust areasEdit

The Van Vigyan Kendra caters to the needs of field research of silviculture, tree improvement, soil & water conservation techniques, and afforestation techniques for saline land, techniques for forestry extension, organic farming and composting techniques, sustainable land-use systems and introduction and evaluation of both timber and non-timber species.

There will be emphasis on developing superior planting material to enhance the productivity of Seedlings, which will aid the people associated with forestry and agriculture.

A number of trainings were provided on various themes including Awareness programme on Forestry Research and its utilization and protection of forests.

To set up model nursery to educate the farmers on utilising and developing better techniques to make their nurseries more productive.

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