Vallavik Tunnel

The Vallavik Tunnel (Norwegian: Vallaviktunnelen) is a road tunnel in Vestland county, Norway. The tunnel begins on the north edge of the village of Eide in the municipality of Voss and runs to the southeast, ending at the small farm of Vallaviki in the municipality of Ulvik. The tunnel is part of Norwegian National Road 13 and Norwegian County Road 7. The 7,510-metre (24,640 ft) tunnel was originally opened on 27 April 1985.[1]

Vallavik Tunnel
Roundpoint in a gallery.jpg
View of the roundabout inside the tunnel
LocationVestland, Norway
Coordinates60°30′45″N 6°46′38″E / 60.5124°N 6.7772°E / 60.5124; 6.7772Coordinates: 60°30′45″N 6°46′38″E / 60.5124°N 6.7772°E / 60.5124; 6.7772
Route Rv13 / Rv7
StartEide (Voss)
EndVallavik (Ulvik)
Opened1985 (added new section in 2013)
OwnerStatens vegvesen
Length7,510 metres (4.67 mi)

In 2013, a roundabout and a 600-metre (2,000 ft) long branch were added near the southern end of the tunnel to connect with the newly constructed Hardanger Bridge. The branch passes directly over the older Djønno Tunnel.[2][3]


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