Valeria (2008 TV series)

Valeria is a Venezuelan-American telenovela produced by Venevisión Productions. The telenovela began airing on Univision on March 10, 2009, at the 2pm/1c timeslot.

Poster of telenovela Valeria.jpg
Created byAlberto Gómez
Directed byRaúl De La Nuez
StarringAlejandra Lazcano
Jorge Reyes
Carolina Tejera
Bobby Larios
Fernando Carrera
Opening theme"Valeria" by Gloria Trevi
Country of originVenezuela
United States
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes174[1]
Executive producersArquimides Rivero
Peter Tinoco
Ana Teresa Arismendi
ProducerJeanette Gómez
Production locationsMiami, Florida
Running time40–44 minutes
Production companyVenevisión
DistributorVenevisión International
Original networkUnivision
Original releaseMarch 10 (2009-03-10) –
October 16, 2009 (2009-10-16)[2]
Preceded byAmor Comprado
Followed byAlma Indomable

Filming of the telenovela ended in September 2008, and it was first released in June 2008 in Ecuador. It aired in Venezuela on July 14, 2009, on Venevisión Plus at the 10pm timeslot with re-airings at 1pm timeslot. It also aired in Spain, Peru, El Salvador, Romania, Croatia, and other countries.[3]

Characters of Leopoldo and Manon are played by the two siblings – Jorge Reyes and his sister Claudia.[4]


Leopoldo, member of the Riquelme family, and Valeria, daughter of a poor worker, will have to fight temptations and other situations that force them apart in order to find true love in Miami, because she was raped by Leopoldo's brother Juan Ignacio, who is in protection by his father Samuel, very rich advocate.[5]


  • Alejandra Lazcano[6] – Valeria Hidalgo – Protagonist, daughter of Hilda and Julio, mother of Laurita, in love with Leopoldo
  • Jorge Reyes – Leopoldo Riquelme – Protagonist, son of Piedad and Alfredo, in love with Valeria, father of Laurita
  • Carolina Tejera – Miroslava Montemar de Riquelme -Main female villain, in love with Lepoldo, hates Valeria, ends up in an asylum and dies of heart attack
  • Bobby Larios – David Barrios – In love with Valeria but then with Manon, best friend of Leopoldo
  • Fernando Carrera – Samuel Riquelme - Main male villain, killed by Estrella in defense
  • Leonardo Daniel – Renato Rivera - Doctor, in love with Estrella, killed on order of Samuel
  • Mara Croatto - Estrella Granados - Samuel's lover, real mother of Tatiana
  • Flavio Caballero – Alfredo Galan - Ex-boyfriend of Piedad and priest, real father of Leopoldo
  • Jorge Luis Pila - Salvador Rivera - In love with Tatiana, married Raquel, then Tatiana
  • Rosalinda Rodríguez – Hilda de Hidalgo
  • Flor Elena González – Piedad de Riquelme
  • Claudia Reyes – Manon Álvarez
  • Grettel Trujillo – Mariela (villain), ends up in jail
  • Griselda Noguera – Teresa
  • Shirley Budge – Scarlet - Villain, in love with Leopoldo
  • Carla Rodríguez – Lolita (villain), ends up in jail
  • Mariana Huerdo – Angelita
  • Ivelín Giro – Jessica - Villain, in love with Leopoldo, dies frozen
  • Eduardo Ibarrola – Julio Hidalgo
  • José Antonio Coro - Felipe
  • William Colmenares – Hugo - Villain, associated with Miroslava and Samuel
  • Carlos Miguel Caballero – Juan Ignacio Riquelme - villain, Samuel's son, wants to kill him, killed by Julio to save Valeria
  • Julián Gil – Daniel Ferrari - Villain, but then good, dies of cancer
  • Liana Iniesta – Tatiana Riquelme, daughter of Samuel and Estrella
  • Ximena Duque – Ana Lucía Hidalgo - Valeria's sister, in love with Isidro, has a baby with Isidro
  • Christian Carabias – Tony Carvajal, dies frozen with Jessica
  • Robert Avellanet – Guillermo "Iguana" Tovar
  • Alberto Quintero - Isidro Morales
  • Eric Sant – Alex Hidalgo, brother of Valeria Killed by Juan Ignacio
  • Dayana Garroz – Raquel
  • Alba Galindo – Nancy Mistral
  • Ivonne Montero – María Inmaculada/Coral - Valeria's cousin, in love with Leopoldo, hates Julio, Valeria and Hilda, Killed by rapist, strangled
  • Nury Flores – Hipólita


  Croatia Valeria Doma TV July 12, 2011 November 9, 2011 Monday to Friday
  Romania Valeria Acasă TV June 15, 2009 October 18, 2009 Monday to Friday
  Venezuela Valeria Venevisión July, 2009 February 3, 2010 Monday to Friday
  Croatia Valeria Doma TV November 5, 2012 Monday to Friday
  Uruguay Valeria VTV December 15, 2013 Present Monday to Friday 05:00 am
  Paraguay Valeria Unicanal January 5, 2015 Present Monday to Friday 10:00 am

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