Valdemar Kristian Laursen (born 30 August 1900 in Frederiksberg - died 14 April 1989 in Frederiksberg), known simply as Valdemar Laursen, was a Danish amateur football (soccer) player, who played 44 games and scored one goal for the Denmark national football team. He played his entire club career as a midfielder for Copenhagen club KB.

Laursen made his Danish national team debut in October 1918, at 18 years and 51 days of age.[1] In July 1934, he equalled Fritz Tarp's record from 1932, when Laursen became the second Dane to play 42 international games. Tarp subsequently returned to the Danish team in September 1934, and Valdemar Laursen and he played the following two international games together. Laursen and Tarp ended their international careers in October 1934, having both played a record-setting 44 games for the national team. The record was eventually broken by Pauli Jørgensen in September 1939.

He later became a football referee, officiating the friendly match between Belgium and Scotland in May 1947.[2]


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