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VVI is a company started in 1991 by Ed VanVliet, with the view of making computer software specialized to visualization for many technical-oriented industries, including medical device and financial service companies.

FounderEd VanVliet


VVI is listed as a spin-off company from MIT Lincoln Laboratories. While at MIT, Ed VanVliet was a Beta developer for Steve Job's NeXT Computer, Inc. with the version 0.9 NEXTSTEP operating system. The combination of Unix and scalable graphics window server was ideal for innovative data presentation software. The software developed under NEXTSTEP, called Graph Builder, was changed and morphed under the Vvidget codename and now runs under Mac OS X. In addition, it was redesigned many times and grew into a multithreaded and process distributed presentation system which acts as a service, as well as indigenous framework, to specialized applications and innovative information visualization systems.

Vvidget exists as a codename for product development and is instantiated by several product lines including Graph Builder, DAQ Plot, OpenGraph, Graph, SAM (State Automation Machine) and other products of Vvidget lineage. Those products are available at the Vvidget web site as well as the Mac App Store and iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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