VR Class Tr1

The VR Class Tr1 is a class of heavy freight locomotive built in Finland and Germany. Before 1942 VR Class Tr1s originally had the class name R1.[1] They were nicknamed “Risto”,[1] after the Finnish President Risto Ryti.[2] They were numbered 1030–1096.[1]

VR Class Tr1
Tr1 Toijala.jpg
VR Class Tr1 steam locomotive no. 1088 in Toijala, Finland
Type and origin
Power typeSteam
BuilderTampella, Lokomo and Arnold Jung Lokomotivfabrik
Build date1940–57
Total produced67
 • Whyte2-8-2
Gauge1,524 mm (5 ft)
Length22.25 m (73 ft 0 in)
Width3.14 m (10 ft 4 in)
Height4.65 m (15 ft 3 in)
Loco weight157 tonnes (155 long tons; 173 short tons)
Fuel typeCoal or firewood
Fuel capacity9T, 16 m3 (570 cu ft)
Water cap27 m3 (950 cu ft)
 • Firegrate area
3.54 m2 (38.1 sq ft)
Boiler pressure15 kg/cm2 (1,500 kPa; 210 psi)
Heating surface195.4 m2 (2,103 sq ft)
Performance figures
Maximum speed80 km/h (50 mph)
Power output1,600 hp (1,200 kW)
First run1940
Disposition1030 Haapamäki; 1033 Finnish Railway Museum; 1037 Kurikka; 1047 Lahti; 1051, 1055, and 1057 Haapamäki; 1060 Acton, Suffolk, England; 1067 and 1071 Haapamäki; 1074 Munsala, RM-Trucks, Finland; 1077 Acton, Suffolk, England; 1082 Haapamäki; 1087 Haapamäki; 1088 Toijala; 1092–1095 Haapamäki; 1096 Finnish Railway Museum

67 locomotives were built between 1940–57[1] by Tampella, Lokomo and Arnold Jung Lokomotivfabrik GmbH, Jungenthal of Germany.[1] The "Risto" is a product of the same era as the express train locomotive Ukko-Pekka, and they share a similar appearance. Tr1 1096 was the last steam locomotive manufactured for VR in 1957.[1] TR1 locomotives were withdrawn during the 1970s, with the last being withdrawn in 1975.[1]

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