Uzhhorod Synagogue

The Uzhhorod Synagogue building is located in Uzhhorod, in the present day Zakarpattia Oblast of western Ukraine.

Uzhhorod Synagogue
Ужгородська Синагога
Synagoge uschhorod 2009.jpg
Ecclesiastical or organizational statusConverted Synagogue
LocationUzhhorod, Ukraine
Geographic coordinates48°37′21.49″N 22°18′3.64″E / 48.6226361°N 22.3010111°E / 48.6226361; 22.3010111Coordinates: 48°37′21.49″N 22°18′3.64″E / 48.6226361°N 22.3010111°E / 48.6226361; 22.3010111
Architect(s)Gyula Papp and Ferenc Szabolcs
StyleByzantine RevivalMoorish Revival


The synagogue was completed and dedicated on July 27, 1904. It was then within the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria within the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The building was designed by the architects Gyula Papp and Ferenc Szabolcs,[1] in a flamboyant Romantic style that boldly intermingled Byzantine Revival and Moorish Revival architectural elements.

Concert hallEdit

Interior of Uzhhorod Synagogue in 2010

Since World War II the building has served as Uzhhorod's concert hall, prized for its acoustics. It has housed the Regional Philharmonic Society with the Transcarpathian Folk Choir.

All Jewish symbols were removed from the building, although as of 2012 there is a plaque on the facade commemorating the 85,000 Jews from Zakarpattia Oblast who were murdered in The Holocaust. There are now plans to restore the glass dome with its mosaics.[2]

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