Uus Eesti was a daily newspaper published in Estonia from September 1935 until the Soviet occupation of Estonia in June 1940. The newspaper was politically aligned with the then Estonian government.[2]

Uus Eesti
Uus Eesti
Orzel incident in Uus Eesti.jpg
The Orzel incident, as covered by the Uus Esti.
Editor-in-chiefArtur Tupits (1935-1937)
Ants Oidermaa (1937-1939)
EditorHugo Kukk[1]
Political alignmentpro-government
Ceased publication21 June 1940
HeadquartersTallinn u
Sister newspapersUus Eesti kalender (1935-1939)
Hommikune Uus Eesti (1938)


The paper was established in September 1935, as the successor to the paper Kaja.[1]

Columnists and regular contributors of Uus Eesti included Johannes Aavik, Paul Öpik, Friedebert Tuglas, Aleksander Tõnisson, Marie Under, August Gailit, Paul Kogerman, Mait Metsanurk, Henrik Visnapuu, and others.[3]

In 1937, the National Archives of Estonia made an agreement with Uus Eesti photographer A. Kalm to share one photograph of each major public event in Estonia, as part of a larger project to preserve photographs from national newspapers.[4]

The Soviets shut the paper down on 21 June 1940. The pro-soviet, socialist paper Rahva Hääl was printed in its place.[5]


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