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Uttaradit railway station

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Uttaradit railway station is the main railway station for Uttaradit province. It is owned by the State Railway of Thailand and serves the Northern Line. Uttaradit railway station is located 485.17 kilometres (301.5 mi) from Bangkok railway station. It is also a Class 1 Station and is also the base for lots of maintenance subdivisions.

Uttaradit railway station
Uttaradit Station 2.JPG
LocationSamranruen Road, Tha It Subdistrict, Uttaradit City
Owned byState Railway of Thailand
Line(s)Northern Line
Other information
Station codeอด.
Preceding station   State Railway of Thailand   Following station
toward Bangkok
Northern Line
toward Chiang Mai


The facade of Uttaradit station
The platform and sign of Uttaradit station

During 1905-1906 King Chulalongkorn planned to build a railway line from Bangkok-Chiang Mai and another from Uttaradit to Ban Krai then across the Mekong River to Luang Prabang. Thus a railway station was built here, and trees were cleared and the land was leveled to await the track-laying process, which happened later in 1907. In 1907, trains hauled rock-filled wagons in which the people saw everyday. A railway station was therefore built in the forest cemetery of Wat Tha Thanon (now known as Uttaradit Station) in 1909 and was finished in 1910. The first Uttaradit Station was built in the Modernist Style of Jugendstil with a tower in the middle, designed and built by German architect Karl Siegfried Döhring. However, the tower was torn down during World War II and turned into a bomb shelter for protection against Allied Bombings. Uttaradit station was hit and rebuilt after the war and opened for service once again in 1951. Due to an increase of train traffic, a new station had to be built 2.35 kilometres north and was finished in 1958, it was called Sila At Station.

Today Uttaradit Station is kept as an OTOP centre and there have been plans of expanding the station building into a department store.


These are the sub-divisions within the area of Uttaradit railway station:

  1. Uttaradit Branch of Railcars Department
  2. Uttaradit Branch Sector 3 of Mechanical Department
  3. Uttaradit Branch of Locomotives Department
  4. Uttaradit Locomotive Depot
  5. Uttaradit Public Administration of the Ministry of Commerce
  6. Uttaradit Branch of Railway Medical Unit
  7. Uttaradit Branch Railway's Labour Union
  8. Uttaradit Station Signal Control Box
  9. Uttaradit Tourist Information Centre and Centre for OTOP Products

Train servicesEdit

  • Local 407/408 Nakhon Sawan-Chiang Mai-Nakhon Sawan
  • Local 403 Phitsanulok-Sila At-Phitsanulok
  • Rapid 111/112 Bangkok-Den Chai-Bangkok
  • Special Express 9/10 Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok
  • Rapid 109 Bangkok-Chiang Mai
  • Special Express 13/14 Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok
  • Rapid 105/106 Bangkok-Sila At-Bangkok
  • Rapid 107/108 Bangkok-Den Chai-Bangkok
  • Express 51/52 Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok
  • Special Express 3/4 Bangkok-Sawankhalok/Sila At-Bangkok
  • Local 410 Sila At-Phitsanulok
  • Rapid 102 Chiang Mai Bangkok


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Coordinates: 17°37′11″N 100°05′50″E / 17.61972°N 100.09722°E / 17.61972; 100.09722