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Carlos Becker Westphall is a Full Professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. He is the founder of LANOMS (Latin American Network Operations and Management Symposium), and of the Network and Management Laboratory at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. He has contributed to IEEE, as secretary and vice-chair of CNOM (Committee on Network Operation and Management), and as member of IEEE Communications Society Membership Programs Development Board; to IFIP as member of WG6.6 - Management of Networks and Distributed Systems; to Elsevier as editorial board member of the Computer Networks Journal; to Springer as board of editors and senior technical editor of the Journal of Network and Systems Management; and to IARIA (International Academy, Research, and Industry Association) as Latin America - IARIA Liaison Board Chair.


Carlos Becker Westphall has published a paper in 1984 entitled "Receiver for modem in accordance with CCITT Recommendation V.22", enabling the development of this modem in Brazil. He has presented the first master thesis about network management in Brazil, entitled "Proposition for Data Communications Management Functions" in 1988. He was the youngest Full Professor in Brazilian Federal Universities with 31 years old, in 1993. Other important contributions was published in the papers entitled: "OSI Usage Metering Function for the OSIMIS Management Platform", in 1996; "Distribuited Network Management Using SNMP, Java, WWW and CORBA", in 2000; "Decentralized Network Management Using Distributed Artificial Intelligence", in 2001; "Grids of Agents for Computer and Telecommunication Network Management", in 2004; and "Intrusion Detection Techniques in Grid and Cloud Computing Environment", in 2010. He has more than 390 publications and has contributed in more than 250 Organizing and/or Technical Program Committees for conferences in the field of Computer Networks and Network Management.

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