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You aren't helping yourselfEdit

I'm trying to help make sure that the biography on you is of high quality. I feel that the answers you are giving to things that I write are not particularly helpful to you. I think you might want to be more simple and direct with answers, because the people who think you are a crackpot are only fueled when you give what appear to you (perhaps) to be clever answers but appear to me (I'm sorry to say) evasive and unhelpful.

Someone has accused your work of amounting to a rejection of the Germ theory of disease. That's an easy charge for you to simply refute, and then we'd be done with that part of this. Just say "Actually, I very much agree that germs are the cause of many diseases. Nothing about my work suggests otherwise. I also happen to agree with mainstream science that many diseases are caused by things other than germs. I consider it outrageous that such an accusation has been leveled at me."

That'd be clear and to the point and would help everyone resolve the issue.

When you play around verbally, it doesn't help me to help make sure the article about you is accurate. So please try to be more simple and to the point.

What might be helpful, and you can email me if you prefer (use the e-mail this user link on my user talk page), is if you list for me whatever you regard as the 3 sentences in the article that I might most productively focus my attention on. That's just a start, I know, but it would be helpful. What in the article is false or misleading or inconsistent with the facts as put forward in reliable sources? Things that are easily refuted are the easiest place to start. And be simple and to the point, no games.

I'm a volunteer like everyone else. So please respect my time and let's get straight down to the work at hand, ok?--Jimbo Wales (talk) 09:59, 15 June 2011 (UTC)