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This user is not retired. (Tee hee hee)

Thegooduser's talk page guidelinesEdit

When leaving me a message or others, it must be respectful, not a rude message. Thank You. Remember to sign your message(s) using four tildes (~~~~).Edit

If your message contains sensitive info, please email me:Email me here (You will need an account to email me)Edit

Please display my awards in my user page, under the section "Thegooduser's hall of fame" (On the Bottom of my userpage.)Edit

If you had a hard time seeing my signature, please let me know, Thanks!Edit

For all urgent messages please click HereEdit

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If I am not as active that's cause I am studying for finals, and.......

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Administrators' newsletter – August 2019Edit

News and updates for administrators from the past month (July 2019).

Guideline and policy news



  • Following a research project on masking IP addresses, the Foundation is starting a new project to improve the privacy of IP editors. The result of this project may significantly change administrative and counter-vandalism workflows. The project is in the very early stages of discussions and there is no concrete plan yet. Admins and the broader community are encouraged to leave feedback on the talk page.
  • The new page reviewer right is bundled with the admin tool set. Many admins regularly help out at Special:NewPagesFeed, but they may not be aware of improvements, changes, and new tools for the Curation system. Stay up to date by subscribing here to the NPP newsletter that appears every two months, and/or putting the reviewers' talk page on your watchlist.

    Since the introduction of temporary user rights, it is becoming more usual to accord the New Page Reviewer right on a probationary period of 3 to 6 months in the first instance. This avoids rights removal for inactivity at a later stage and enables a review of their work before according the right on a permanent basis.

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Administrators' newsletter – September 2019Edit

News and updates for administrators from the past month (August 2019).


Administrator changes

added BradvChetsfordIzno
readded FloquenbeamLectonar
removed DESiegelJake WartenbergRjanagTopbanana

CheckUser changes

removed CallaneccLFaraoneThere'sNoTime

Oversight changes

removed CallaneccFoxHJ MitchellLFaraoneThere'sNoTime

Technical news

  • Editors using the mobile website on Wikipedia can opt-in to new advanced features via your settings page. This will give access to more interface links, special pages, and tools.
  • The advanced version of the edit review pages (recent changes, watchlist, and related changes) now includes two new filters. These filters are for "All contents" and "All discussions". They will filter the view to just those namespaces.



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TheWikiWizard - September 2019Edit

Hello, Thegooduser! Here is the September 2019 issue of TheWikiWizard.

We Hope you like this month's issue! If you'd like to discuss this issue, please go to this issue's talk page. Happy Reading! Thegooduser Life Begins With a Smile :) 🍁 21:44, 14 September 2019 (UTC)

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