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Welcome to Wikipedia, Paperstacksfan!Edit

Hello, Paperstacksfan, and welcome to Wikipedia.  I am Gestrid, a volunteer with the Account Creation Team, and I am the one who accepted your account request. You are welcome to leave questions or comments on my talk page anytime. Here is some useful information to get you started.

  • You can create your own "Test" page by clicking on this link > User:Paperstacksfan/test < This will open an edit window on a page with that title, add something in the edit window and scroll down and click the Save page button and you've just created your first page.
  • Edit existing articles, before you make your own. Look at some subjects that you know about, and see if you can make them a bit better.
  • When you're ready, read about Your first article. It should be about something well-known, and it will need references.
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June 2017Edit

  Hello, and welcome to Wikipedia. I noticed that your user page may not meet Wikipedia's user page guideline. If you believe that your user page does not violate our guideline, please leave a note on this page. Alternatively you may add {{Db-u1}} to the top of the page in question and an administrator will delete it, or you can simply edit the page so that it meets Wikipedia's user page guideline. Specifically, your userpage looks like an article. If you wish to create an article on the subject, you may want to try the Articles for Creation process, which helps new contributors such as yourself create articles that meet Wikipedia's standards. Gestrid (talk) 14:52, 16 June 2017 (UTC)

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