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content of articleEdit

What is good content?Edit

Good Content Ad sense ads are not invented to be included in their quality policy to accept sites that advertise their ads, but rather become a necessity for working in the content industry and profit from the Internet to achieve any long-term success or profit before the short. Therefore, a site with good content is content that is exclusive, exclusive, renewable, and provides real value and added value to the visitor. We may increase the poetry of the beta and say that it contributes to the enrichment of the Arab web.

You must write the content of your site yourself, you or the team involved with you in the editing of the site, whether the content is articles, videos, designs, infographics or audio clips or all of them combined.

Make sure that the content is authentic and produced, not copied or copied from other sites. Copying articles by reordering or deleting some of them with some or all of the images from the original article can not be described as content for you or your team. It also applies to news content. News is generally published from specific, well-known sources, and you get the full story. Even if the source is mentioned, it will not be useful for your site unless you already have thousands of followers on a daily basis. Other.

How to write an exclusive article? Here comes the question of how to write a good exclusive essay without falling into the trap of repetition, copying and similarity in subjects. In principle, you need to be familiar with your domain in which you write or blog, and follow the main sources that are used to get ideas and news on a daily basis. Add to this a continuous and sustained reading of important and influential books in the field to gain the expertise required to transfer knowledge. Of course, preference is given to writing and writing resulting from experience and practice rather than reading and theoretical experience.

Now that you have some or all of the previous qualifications, the role is to write the article or the document itself.

First: Get the ideaEdit

Search for / bring up a good new idea you want to share with readers as a new term or technique that has come up in your field, an important event that has just come, happened or just happened, an exciting experience that you witnessed or witnessed and it is interesting to share with interested readers.

Second: Arranging the elements of the article / postEdit

After finding the idea, you can make a list of the elements and the main points of the article you are working on, and take a new idea or a new technology version in your field. For example, you can make a guide listing the steps for writing an article like this:

A brief introduction to the new idea and its benefits and summarizing what you will mention in the rest of the article. Define the idea of ​​the article axis. Talk about the benefits and differences that this idea will bring. Talk about some of the history of this technique or previous techniques, while holding a simplified comparison of the situation before and after. Talk about your personal experience with the idea or talk about a story I've heard or witnessed about it. Conclusion Readers are invited to experience and provide you with their opinion in the results obtained.

Third: WritingEdit

After you have grouped your ideas and arranged them, you should begin to explain each point in five lines at an average rate (some points may need a line or two lines like the definition and others may need ten lines and maybe more like benefits or experiment / story). After that you will have a very good draft article. You should now start with the first review, modify the wording, add or delete some words and sentences that add more depth to your article or that increase clarity and prevent confusion.

To give your visitors and readers more knowledge and information, add links to the technologies, companies, personalities, and important events mentioned in your article, whether from Wikipedia or their own sites.

Finally, after the first reviews and revisions have been completed, the role of linguistic and grammatical review comes to you (if you are not good at this point, you can use some of those who have this skill). Make sure your article language is valid; the article contains language errors that may lead to the loss of interest in language by the enthusiasts and sometimes lead to misunderstandings of certain parts of the article.

Fourth: PublishingEdit

After you have completed your work successfully, and have received your exclusive good article, there are only visitors left to read it. Post it now!

Hints The previous steps are the same as if you were producing content other than articles / blogs; they apply to videos, designs, info graphics and audio tracks.

As you have assumed that you have good writing skills and a distinctive style, you also have to possess quality photography or recording equipment with the required casting and attendance skills required to produce good audio and video clips, as well as having good design and analytical skills to get quality designs that attract visitors and users.

Last advice Continue reading permanently and daily in and out of your area. You can devote a portion of your time each day to expanding your knowledge and experience in your field through books and articles, and to allocate another part of the day in your spare time (half an hour a day may be enough) for readings outside your profession such as literature, philosophy, history, etc. All these readings will open up new horizons and give you new ideas related to your field, both near and far, in addition to what you will add to the refinement of your method of writing, analysis and criticism.

Abdullah.Mashary (talk) 14:41, 22 March 2019 (UTC)

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