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    Purpose of this draft


    The purpose of this draft is to help create content about the concept of "cisgender", and to determine where it should live, and under what title. The draft is the outcome of this discussion, which discusses this question and proposes various solutions. Note that this draft has the same title as the title of the Cisgender article currently in mainspace. That article is a mature article (20 years) about the word cisgender, while this draft is about the concept, i.e, about cisgender people, cisgender identity, and so on. This situation is somewhat analogous to the difference between the articles LGBT (about a word), and LGBT community (about a concept: people, identity, etc.). There are two possible evolution paths for this draft:

    In the first case, we'd have to wait until WP:DUE is satisfied; and following it, a WP:HISTMERGE would be required. In the second case, it could happen at any time, as there are no issues of due weight to consider. For further details, see Talk:Cisgender#Lack of focus and violation of LEAD. Mathglot (talk) 03:02, 4 July 2023 (UTC)Reply