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Hierarchy of Disagreement (after Paul Graham's "How to Disagree"). Please stay in the top three tiers. I will also try.

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Heirarchy of Disagreement

See that pyramid on the right? I actually _do_ prefer to stay in the top tiers. Unfortunately, the pyramid assumes that all actors are discussing in good faith, stating true facts, and not misrepresenting others' words. I'm afraid these do not hold true for deletionists and trolls, who choose to bend the language, meaning, and spirit of policy, and even outright lie, to achieve maximum destruction, and maximum disturbance to the encyclopedia project. So the reader will find me stepping off the pyramid from time to time to sternly deal with raging deletionist and troll behavior. Sorry if this is upsetting, but please see WP:DUCK and WP:SPADE for more on opening one's eyes and seeing the facts before one. --Lexein


<grin> Think of it as the smack at the end of a Swedish massage, or the smack of a Homer like pate when saying Doh! Whatever makes you comfortable... The name was never intended as a reprimand, although some users have taken it as such, just a passing pun. Regards Rich Farmbrough, 07:39 6 April 2007 (GMT).


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