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A statement on my partEdit

I will probably continue to edit every so often, as I have been doing for years now. Therefore, I don't intend to announce my retirement or go on an official break (though I have considered doing both). However, given the recent Wikimedia Foundation decision to ban longtime administrator Fram from the English Wikipedia for a period of one year (you can read all about it here), as well as their subsequent response to the volunteer backlash, this place just doesn't feel the same to me anymore. I neither count myself among Fram's fans, nor am I one of his most vocal detractors – but nothing in his history merited a ban of any sort, let alone one brought about by office overreach.

I love Wikipedia. I've been using this site as a resource for over thirteen years now, and have been a registered editor for just over eleven. It is for this reason that I cannot abide the attitude of unaccountability that the WMF has adopted in its dealings with the English Wikipedia. Therefore, I don't anticipate being any more active in the near future than I have been for months, and most of my contributions will consist of speaking out against the banning of Fram. This project deserves better. Kurtis (talk) 16:55, 30 June 2019 (UTC)

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