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Hi Jennica..The bolding has been used on other album wiki pages and the extra column is used for translated title instead of credits. I copied the html from an existing album wiki page (Road Fighter (album)). Some of these tracks do not have an official translated title and others have a translated title that is slightly different. So unless you have an alternative method...? An additional column? acsian88 (talk), 22 July 2017, 10:03 (UTC)

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why did you delete my photo?

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Thank you so much!! I used the automatic source tool and that happened. I really appreciate it.

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  My name is Eric Schucht and I'm a reporter for the Jewish Exponent in Philadelphia. I'm writing an article on the history behind the Wikipedia page on the History of the Jews in Philadelphia. I saw that you made some major edits to the page a while back and I was wondering if you'd be willing to talk to me about why you decided to add to the page, what exactly you added and what lead you to edit Wikipedia pages in general. Please feel free to email me if you're interested.

Thank you,

Eric Schucht

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Hi Jennica,

I'm messaging you to inquire whether or not you can create an artist page for an artist that I currently work for. She was an American Idol top finalist and is releasing her debut album so we really need a wikipedia page for her. So if you can reach back to me as soon as possible with information on what your fees are and how fast you can publish a page, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you @Train96: