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We are changing the future - March 4, 2019

This list is an analysis checking for which articles exist for trans athletes based on a newspaper article spotted in another place... a prompt to create a few...

  1. Ignacia Livingstone
  2. Cyclists Jillian Bearden and Rachel McKinnon
  3. the volleyball players Omaira Perdomo and Tiffany Abreu;
  4. the great chess teacher Natalia Parés Vives;
  5. golfer Mianne Bagger;
  6. soccer player Jaiyah Saelua;
  7. softball player Pat Cordova-Goff;
  8. Christina Ginther American football;
  9. Catherine McGregor, in cricket;
  10. Fallon Fox, in UFC;
  11. Nong Rose in Muay Thai
  12. Louise Sand, Swedish handbolist
  13. New Zealander Laurel Hubbard
  14. Greco-Roman wrestler Mack Beggs,
  15. Chris Mosier first transsexual man to be part of the male duathlon team in the United States
  16. Jessica Millamán

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