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Deletion review for William Horne (composer)Edit

An editor has asked for a deletion review of William Horne (composer). Because you closed the deletion discussion for this page, speedily deleted it, or otherwise were interested in the page, you might want to participate in the deletion review.

A kitten for you!Edit

Thanks for reviewing Manohar Chandrikapure.

Fylindfotberserk (talk) 15:59, 24 November 2019 (UTC)

Thanks for the reviewEdit

Thank you for reviewing my page The Bushwhackers (band). It is appreciated! Cheers Tony 1212 (talk) 09:00, 2 December 2019 (UTC)

Request for restorationEdit

Hi, You've deleted Maher Baker without nomination, the page subject is well known and verified by IMDB and Google and there were many citation links in the page talking about him, did you had the time to check the links?HitomiAkane (talk) 18:14, 4 December 2019 (UTC)

HitomiAkane, Dragonfly asked me for a second opinion. I have restored the article as I don't think it could be speedily deleted. I also question whether this qualifies for an article (is notable in Wikipedia language). I think there's a good chance someone else will nominate this for deletion and it will get deleted through a longer process. Nearly all of the current sources are not reliable independent secondary sources. Please consider adding these (sources can be in Arabic or English as I think you know but say just in case you don't). Best, Barkeep49 (talk) 04:34, 5 December 2019 (UTC)
@Barkeep49:, Thank you for restoring the page, I'll try to improve the sources, @DragonflySixtyseven: thank you also. HitomiAkane (talk) 05:18, 5 December 2019 (UTC)

A barnstar for you!Edit

  The Original Barnstar
Thanks for reviewing Erick Cañosa Marknamz8931 (talk) 09:42, 6 December 2019 (UTC)

AFC reviewEdit

Hi Mr @DragonflySixtyseven: - I have an AFC page that requires review - Draft:Enlight Quickshot Would you be able to have a look? Thank youMaskedSinger (talk) 11:24, 13 December 2019 (UTC)

AFC Draft:2019–20 ACS Dacia Unirea Brăila seasonEdit


I saw that the page Draft:2019–20 ACS Dacia Unirea Brăila season has been reviewed but i cannot find the solution. Can be used, and can I continue to update it, or will be deleted?

Thank you very much, Cosmin — Preceding unsigned comment added by Cosmip2004 (talkcontribs) 09:41, 19 December 2019 (UTC)

Joshi capsuleEdit

Hi, I see you deleted Joshi capsules yesterday. Let me know what I need to do get it recreated in an acceptable form. Thanks.Shakher59 (talk) 17:25, 20 December 2019 (UTC)

Good luckEdit

Revoke talk page accessEdit

A user that you blocked years ago, Ivrguru, is spamming on their talk page. Probably should revoke talk page access. --Drm310 🍁 (talk) 18:51, 27 December 2019 (UTC)

(talk page watcher) TPA revoked — JJMC89(T·C) 19:41, 27 December 2019 (UTC)

Space pollutionEdit

The redirect you created in 2009: Space pollution is now, in the latter part of the 2010s, starting to become a more common term seen in reliable sources. Thanks for adding it. N2e (talk) 01:20, 28 December 2019 (UTC)

Precious anniversaryEdit

Six years!

--Gerda Arendt (talk) 08:23, 29 December 2019 (UTC)

                                                 Happy holidaysEdit

Happy New Year!
Have a great 2020 and thanks for your continued contributions to Wikipedia.

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Send New Year cheer by adding {{subst:Happy New Year 2020}} to user talk pages.

Utopes (talk) 04:24, 1 January 2020 (UTC)

Removed articleEdit

Hello! You recently deleted the Glen Sharkey article I created. Could you say how you decided that the sources don't count as independent. Գարիկ Ավագյան (talk)


Thanks for trying to reach out but I'm done tilting at windmills. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Temblast (talkcontribs) 02:16, 5 January 2020 (UTC)

Patrol questionEdit

Hello DragonflySixtyseven. Was asked on my talkpage today by another editor if I could please patrol two pages they created. One already was handled by someone else before I saw the message, the other was not. Feels a little iffy to me, especially because it's a company page, but as the page in question has been lingering in the patrol queue since early December, I can get the frustration. However, company pages are very much not my forte (more of a taxonomy gal, myself) and while I can easily check the more obvious stuff (not an attack page, no copy-vio, categories are in place, stub tag is in place, while tone could use some work anything blatantly promo has been weeded out as far as I can see), I don't really have much experience with notability beyond the most obvious cases in either direction in this area, nor with what are or are not important awards in this particular sector. My gut says "borderline notable", but my relative inexperience with company pages combined with having been explicitly asked to patrol it makes me hesitant to click the "reviewed" button. I'd really appreciate a second opinion on this one, and since you're one of the more prolific, and recently active, patrollers, well, here I am. AddWittyNameHere 04:18, 9 January 2020 (UTC)

Thanks for reviewing Two MountainsEdit

Necessary work for the health of Wikipedia - thanks!Mr Serjeant Buzfuz (talk) 17:39, 20 January 2020 (UTC)

A kitten for you!Edit

Thanks for the review!

RKoenig (talk) 07:53, 21 January 2020 (UTC)

DYK editEdit

I'm curious, what is your reasoning for this edit? Are you seeing something the other five editors involved in this DYK are not seeing that is worthy of overriding the decision made by those involved in the DYK process? The reason you provided in the edit summary comes dangerously close to WP:NOTCENSORED, in my opinion. PCHS-NJROTC (Messages)Have a blessed day. 00:58, 5 February 2020 (UTC)

I read the discussion at the nomination. None of you realized that saying "a pastor was denied entry for his controversial beliefs" could all too easily be parsed as "and therefore he is a victim who is being oppressed" ? DS (talk) 01:03, 5 February 2020 (UTC)
(talk page stalker) Hi PCHS-NJROTC, I'm sorry, but agree with DF's thoughts on this. I noticed this too, was a bit concerned, and noticed DF's revert (hence why I'm here). I just read through the nom discussion and it turned from a very generic, non-controversial statement about his founding of the NIFB movement (the primary nom, and the first two ALTs) into a seemingly non-neutral statement about the subject much later in the discussion (looks like around 9 days into the nomination). Specifically, the connotations in a religious context are strong, and probably should have received more careful attention to ensure neutrality. In addition, there seemed to be only one outright support statement for the ALT 3 version of the DYK. I'm not sure this really was vetted carefully enough. Also, I'm not sure where the "five editors" come from. You self-nominated, Psiĥedelisto supported, then Yoninah promoted, that reads as three to me. The rest of the process at DYK is pretty much automated/rubber stamping. I'm sorry that this ended up more problematic that you were probably hoping for. I believe that you didn't realize this possible reading of the statement, and that you're just working hard to improve the encyclopedia, so please accept my thanks for your hard work here. As a side note, I also do agree with the concerns that folks had about the primary nom and the two ALTs, there was some good reasoning there, too. Waggie (talk) 01:30, 5 February 2020 (UTC)
I said five editors in reference to the five people who edited the DYK template, hence participating in the process. Interestingly, no one objected to it until after it was promoted, hence why I'm challenging the removal. I have no problem with further discussion, but I'm at a loss as to how a neutral presentation, allowing one to see this man as "a victim being oppressed" or "a horse's ass who nobody wants around" is a bad thing. I think this guy is a horse's ass for reasons that would probably be completely different than the reasons you (presumably) would, but goal of neutral encyclopedia projects is not to demonize subjects regardless of how ridiculous they may be; we just present the facts. PCHS-NJROTC (Messages)Have a blessed day. 02:51, 5 February 2020 (UTC)
(talk page stalker)Thanks for the response! I think we have participation issues at DYK, which sometimes leads to stuff being overlooked (another reason I thank you for your participation at DYK). I should probably get involved over there. I'm not sure how to proceed at this point as I'm honestly not that familiar with the DYK process, it may require a new nomination at DYK, at which I would be totally willing to participate in to help get this back on the main page. Would that work OK for you? Waggie (talk) 03:19, 5 February 2020 (UTC)
Sure! I think this was my first ever DYK, and I'm not very familiar with the process myself, maybe we should ask someone over there how to proceed. At any rate, I'm going to be signing off for the night pretty soon, so... PCHS-NJROTC (Messages)Have a blessed day. 03:24, 5 February 2020 (UTC)
Based on the message at the top of this article's nomination template, it appears there's a process to reopen discussion at the existing nomination if there is consensus to do so, so perhaps that is the route we need to take here... PCHS-NJROTC (Messages)Have a blessed day. 03:27, 5 February 2020 (UTC)

Steven Greenberg (writer)Edit

Hi, why did you delete the entry ? there are five independent reliable sources about him: The Journal Gazette,Times of Israel, Indieview, Haaretz, San Diego Jewish World. Could you please restore the entry ? Tzahy (talk) 10:45, 23 February 2020 (UTC)

Amrutha SureshEdit

Hi, could you please move this page to Draft:Amrutha Suresh ? I would like to work on it. Thanks in advance. 2409:4073:290:8630:6001:3588:18B6:4077 (talk) 18:24, 23 February 2020 (UTC)

Done. DS (talk) 19:05, 23 February 2020 (UTC)