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Lumps from work on Barbershop paradoxEdit

Symbols for contradiction: ↯, ⇒⇐ , ⊥, ↮, and ※.

Table of shorthand math/logic symbols:

Operator (Name) Colloquial Symbolic
Negation NOT not X ~ ~X
Disjunction OR X or Y v X v Y
Conjunction AND X and Y . X . Y
Implication IF...THEN if X then Y > X > Y

see also Table_of_mathematical_symbols and Wikipedia:Mathematical symbols.

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Some rewording, highlighting certain things often via links (ie NC State Wolfpack men's basketball should feature prominently, Kay Yow's career, other defining features like maybe a list of notable athletes and coaches).


Image:NCStateWolfpack.png The red "block S" has been an NCSU logo since 1890.

As a founding member of the Atlantic Coast Conference, North Carolina State University competes in 24 intercollegiate varsity sports. Also known as the Wolfpack, NC State has won eight national championships: two NCAA basketball championships, two AIAW cross country championships, and four titles under other sanctioning bodies. NC State was also a founding member of the Southern Conference and is one of the "Big Four" teams on Tobacco Road.

perspective on BPEdit changed the restatement portion of BP to reflect the current way of thinking, the conc that it's not a paradox. Clearly people are getting confused between Carroll's view at the time that it was a paradox and the current approach that makes it not a paradox; how can the article make that more clear?

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