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RfA overviewEdit

Hi. Recently, User:cyberbot I was blocked because it is malfunctioning. As a result, can I suggest that you replace the contents of User:Cyberpower678/RfX Report (Cyberpower678 is offline) with User:Amalthea/RfX/Overview so that the report is still updated? --DannyS712 (talk) 00:51, 21 January 2019 (UTC)

DannyS712, I have set to use User:Amalthea (bot) data, no need more action Hhkohh (talk) 00:55, 21 January 2019 (UTC)
@Hhkohh: Thanks. I would have done it myself, but I'm not that WP:BOLD yet. --DannyS712 (talk) 00:56, 21 January 2019 (UTC)

Bot down?Edit

It seems that your bot have not edited about 12 hours Hhkohh (talk) 17:58, 12 February 2019 (UTC)

Today's Main page history?Edit

Wikipedia:Main Page history/2019 February 12 is red right now. --Gerda Arendt (talk) 18:22, 12 February 2019 (UTC)

Gerda Arendt, bot down now. Hhkohh (talk) 18:25, 12 February 2019 (UTC)

Precious anniversaryEdit

Seven years!

--Gerda Arendt (talk) 07:01, 20 February 2019 (UTC)


Why ful protection if:

  1. last vandalism from 2013
  2. The only vandalism from IP's? (talk) —Preceding undated comment added 20:00, 9 April 2019 (UTC)

The problem wasn't any vandalism, but repeated recreations after a community consensus to not have a separate article on that topic (WP:Articles for deletion/Malamanteau). The redirect was thus protected per WP:Protection policy#Creation protection.
Do you think that this topic has now risen to encyclopedic notability and the previous consensus is outdated?
Kind regards, Amalthea 20:19, 9 April 2019 (UTC)
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