{{Blanked hello. Does no one see any problems with this movie? Aggressive natives? Africans in their own country being aggressive, while white people are invading and taking animals out for their own devious purposes ? separating baby animals from their parents, especially chimpanzees and elephants? selling these poor animals to circuses who are surely going to abuse them!

capturing beautiful leopards to put them in tiny cages? Full grown lions and Tiny cages to have them shipped over to some horrible place? I haven’t seen the beginning of the movie in a long time, but I seem to remember some horrific shots of a adult elephants being murdered. I know for certain that juvenile and baby elephants are traumatized for life after they see their Matriarcal pods being murdered. They have to be nurtured and their keepers Have to sleep with them. elephants are extremely social and can live for up to 85 years it’s a crime against nature to abuse these animals.

It’s heartbreaking to see the scene of the baby rhino being lifted out of the pit. I don’t know much about technology, but I know that these animals are sentient and have feelings. this movie about a great white hunter is dated. It is racist. It’s a complete myth. all I ask is that someone with better technical skills would point this out. This movie has so many problems that the stupid love story driving the plot is a diversion from the undergirding of the entire subplot which is never really mentioned but in today’s modern society sickens the self aware. Please. Fix this.

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