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Allegra and welcome to my user page. I am one of the many Wikimedia editors and photographers and a lover of the great outdoors. I am a member of WikiProject Switzerland, WikiProject Mountains, WikiProject Glaciers and WikiProject Mountains of the Alps. If you want to leave me a message or feedback, click here.

If you appreciate what I do here, you can thank me by testing your ecological footprint on the Global Footprint Network website (link at the bottom of the infobox) and by inviting your friends to test theirs.

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Selected articlesEdit

List of mountains of Switzerland, Timeline of climbing the Matterhorn, First ascent of the Matterhorn, Second ascent of the Matterhorn, Pic Tyndall, Mont Vélan, Aiguille du Tour, Ringelspitz, Dürrenhorn, Trugberg, Nesthorn, Oldenhorn, Niesen, Oberalpstock, Lauterbrunnen Breithorn, Pizzo Campo Tencia, Piz Corvatsch, Piz Nair, Weissfluh, Scex Rouge, Mont Fort, Testa Grigia, Mittelhorn, Gletscherhorn, Gross Wannenhorn, Eggishorn, Le Pleureur, Blinnenhorn, Verstanclahorn, Piz Sardona, Piz Sesvenna, Stockhorn, Mont Tendre, Sanetsch Pass, Plaine Morte, Giétro Glacier, Oberaletsch Glacier, Theodul Glacier, Swiss Alpine Club, Konkordia Hut, Hörnli Hut, Britannia Hut, Monte Rosa Hut, Finsteraarhorn Hut, Patrouille des Glaciers, Belalp, Bettmeralp, Stoos, Zinal, Ovronnaz, Les Diablerets, Derborence, S-charl, La Fouly, Jungfrau-Aletsch protected area, List of mountain lakes of Switzerland, The Mountain Calls, The Alps, PostBus Switzerland, List of highest railways in Europe, List of mountain railways in Switzerland, List of highest railway stations in Switzerland, List of highest roads in Switzerland, List of mountains of Switzerland accessible by public transport, List of most isolated mountains of Switzerland, List of buildings and structures in Switzerland above 3000 m, Swiss Space Systems, Mésoscaphe, F.-A. Forel, ASTRID

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Feel free to use these images for any purpose (examples here and here). See Wikimedia Commons page for a complete gallery.