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"In the real world, you can go to Antarctica and witness the march of the penguins, or to Africa and witness the march of the Wildebeest.
In cyberworld, you can come to Wikipedia and witness the march of the fuck-knuckles."
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I am an Australian aviation enthusiast who also works within the aviation industry - at Sydney Airport when I first joined the Wikipedia community (hence my user name, the International Civil Aviation Organization airport identification code for Sydney Airport is YSSY) - in the field of aircraft maintenance.


Possibly the best edit summary I have seenEdit

Also possibly the best edit summary I have seenEdit

With a tug of the forelock to Whitney Houston...Edit

Sockpuppet investigationEdit

I thought I'd seen it all on Wikipedia; then I saw this breathtaking edit. Methinks s/he doth protest too much.

A couple of weeks later, we have this "new" User, whose very first edit serves to announce - among other things - that s/he is not a sockpuppet of ModernFire. Kind of takes the fun out of running an SPI.

Best. Unblock. Request. EverEdit

Does anyone actually read the articles?Edit

So, on 30 December 2008 Aditya Kabir added some text to the Bikini article, that included the phrase 'made by Mappin and Webb of London in the 1977'. On 14 January 2009, Aditya Kabir did a cut-and-paste job to move text to the Bikini variants article (in only the third edit to that article), including the phrase 'in the 1977'. That phrase remained in the article until I edited it on 25 June 2019 —- a bit under ten-and-a-half years between the mistake being made and somebody fixing it.

I'm not having a go about the mistake, I have typed 'the the' plenty of times when not explicitly referring to the eponymous band. I wonder how many people have read that phrase 'in the 1977' and done nothing about it, or read that without noticing it.


I award you the Aviation Barnstar in recognition of your knowledgeable contribution to aviation articles. -Bzuk
  The Citation Barnstar
For finding great refs for the Cessna 180 article to replace some pretty old fact tags - Ahunt (talk) 02:30, 9 January 2009 (UTC)
For extraordinary contributions to Aircraft in fiction, thus improving hundreds of aircraft type articles along the way! - Ahunt (talk) 15:19, 5 February 2010 (UTC)
  The Editor's Barnstar
Thank you for the great editing for many aviation articles especially the Fokker F27 Friendship article!

Jacsam2 (talk) 22:46, 30 July 2011 (UTC)

  The Special Barnstar
I am very pleased to award you the Special Barnstar for your extraordinary work behind the scenes. I thank you so much for keeping a watch on articles that do not meet Wikipedia's guidelines, and nominate them for deletion as a result. Cheers! Sp33dyphil "Ad astra" 06:53, 9 August 2011 (UTC)
  The Brilliant Idea Barnstar
I like your style WP:BOLD when dealing with articles on minor aviation crashes. ...William 19:03, 2 May 2012 (UTC)
Awarded for great work expanding the Piper Aircraft article. - Ahunt (talk) 14:45, 11 August 2012 (UTC)
  The Tireless Contributor Barnstar
For your hard work on aviation related articles. ...William 14:16, 1 January 2013 (UTC)
  First class meal for you
Thank you for cleaning up the fleet and destination tables for airline articles. — Sunnya343✈ (háblamemy work) 18:01, 22 January 2017 (UTC)
  The Copyeditor's Barnstar
Nice work cleaning up Canada–United States border and many other articles. Magnolia677 (talk) 14:16, 26 January 2017 (UTC)


Articles createdEdit

I have created thirty articles so far, seventeen dealing with aspects of the Australian aviation industry:

Significant contributionsEdit

Some (but not all) of the articles dealing with aspects of Australian aviation that I have edited were almost non-existent as far as content was concerned. While not creating them, I consider that I have made a very large contribution to these articles:


In the first year-or-so after registering an account in July 2007, my editing tended to be of the "one-massive-edit" school (for example this expansion of the de Havilland Australia article and this edit to the Ryan ST article) rather than the "make-lots-of-small edits" variety but nowadays I don't have the time to spend several hours working on one article. As a result of having less time to spend, I now usually make small edits to articles, often to fix typographical errors and spelling mistakes; as of February 2015, about 3,200 of my 17,000 edits have been such edits, including changing "aircrafts" to "aircraft" more than 600 times.

I also find that I make a lot of edits when curiosity dictates that I follow the wikilinks to wherever they go; for example I made this edit then clicked on a wikilink in the article, which led to this edit, then on to another linked article and these edits, then another article and another edit - and lo and behold: more than two hours passes by. To give another example, while searching for instances of "a Australian" to correct, I came across this article about Haig Sare, whom I had never heard of and which didn't contain "a Australian", but which I could see needed work, so I made this edit; I then clicked on a link in the article to search for an appropriate Category to add, which led me to the article about Sare's old school (Sydney Church of England Grammar School) and to make this edit. After clicking on the link in the Hatnote I had created, I made this edit to the List of Old Boys of Shore, then added Haig Sare to the list in another edit. After saving that edit I noticed a formatting issue that I fixed with this edit, then arrived at the bottom of the page, where I found the Category People educated at Sydney Church of England Grammar School, which I then added to the Haig Sare article. That, in a nutshell, is how I end up editing lots of articles a small number of times.

My initial "big-change" edit style and my more recent "edit-and-move-on" style have resulted in an overall average of about two edits per page; however having said that, as of the end of December 2016 I have edited one-hundred-and-one articles more than twenty times each. This includes fifty-eight articles edited more than forty times each, of which nine I edited a-hundred-or-more times, including: 360 edits to the Qantas article; 210 edits to the LaMia Flight 2933 article (in barely more than a month); 180 edits to the Virgin Australia article; and 330 edits - mostly small fixes and copyedits - to the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 article (including 170 edits in the first week-and-a-half following the aircraft's disappearance). My "Top Ten" articles-by-number-of-edits account for more than 1,800 of my 26,500 edits made. January 2015 was the first time I managed to make more than a thousand edits in a month; I also made more than a thousand edits in October 2016 and more than 990 in December the same year. Conversely, there have been two periods of six months during which I made no edits at all; and another six-month period during which I made less than a hundred edits.

Aircraft, airlines and journeysEdit

Aircraft types I have worked on during my careerEdit

Aircraft in which I have flownEdit

Airlines and journeysEdit

My imagesEdit

I have been taking photographs of aircraft for almost 30 years and have a reasonably large collection (believe me when I say there are people out there with much bigger collections than mine); I estimate that it is about 30,000 photos, of which about two thirds are digital images - the rest were taken on colour film. I still prefer film, but I have to admit that digital images are easier to work with; I sometimes take a photo of an aircraft with my film camera then take a digital photo as well. The images I have uploaded for use in articles are below.

Unedited imagesEdit

None of these images have been treated or altered in any way:

Israeli Aircraft Industries 1124 Westwind VH-AJJ
Fairchild SA227-AT Expediter VH-EEO
Piper PA31 Navajo VH-BTD
Canadair (Conroy conversion) CL-44-0 Skymonster 9G-LCA
Boeing 737-200Adv. VH-OBN
de Havilland D.H.82 Tiger Moth VH-DHV
Short SC.5 Belfast RP-C8020
de Havilland Australia DHA-3 Mk. 3a Drover "VH-FBC"
Piper PA31-350 Chieftain VH-DVR
Beechcraft 1900D Airliner VH-RUI
Avions de Transport Régional ATR 42-300 VH-TOQ
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan VH-UZY
Fairchild SA227-AT Merlin IVB VH-UZA
Beechcraft D50E Twin Bonanza (Excalibur conversion) N14VU
Fairchild SA227-AC Metro III VH-EET
Fairchild SA227-DC Metro 23 VH-VEU
Beechcraft B100 King Air N350TJ
Boeing 727-100 (freighter conversion) RP-C8017
Short SC.5 Belfast RP-C8020
Boeing 737-200Adv. VH-OZD
Beechcraft B100 King Air N100TW
Boeing 737-300 VH-INU
de Havilland Australia DHA-3 Mk. 2 Drover VH-DHM
Beechcraft B200T Super King Air VH-LAB
Beechcraft 200 Super King Air VH-SGV
Raytheon 390 Premier One N34GN
Israeli Aircraft Industries 1124 Westwinds VH-AJG, VH-KNS & VH-KNU
Beechcraft B200 King Air VH-MSH
Raytheon 390 Premier One VH-VHP
Beechcraft B300 King Air A32-348
Boeing 737-300 (freighter conversion) VH-XML
Piper PA31-350 Chieftain VH-LTW
Beechcraft J50 Twin Bonanza VH-BRH
Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-27 Sabre A94-901
de Havilland Canada DHC-8-202 Dash 8 VH-LCL
Pine Air Super V N3124V
Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-16 Wirraway VH-BFF/"A20-653"
Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-13 Boomerang VH-MHR/"A46-122"
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Model 340 (Convair 580 conversion) VH-PDL
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Model 440 (Convair 580 conversion) N141FL
Ryan Aeronautical Corporation STM VH-RSY
Beechcraft E18S (Hamilton Westwind III conversion) N432U
Israeli Aircraft Industries 1124 Westwind VH-AJV
Israeli Aircraft Industries 1124A Westwind II VH-KNR
Boeing 727-200 (freighter conversion) VH-DHE
British Aerospace 146-200 VH-NJG
Bombardier DHC-8-402 Dash Eight Q400 VH-QOC
Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream IV-SP N477QS
Raytheon Hawker 800XP CS-DNU
Gulfstream Aerospace G300 A6-RJA
Pilatus PC-12/45 VH-FGS
Boeing 737-300 ZK-JNN
Beechcraft B300 King Air 350 A32-426
Piper PA-42-720 Cheyenne III VH-NMA
British Aerospace 146-300QT VH-NJF
Fokker F28 Mk. 0100 Fokker 100 VH-FKF
Aero Commander 500U Shrike Commander VH-YJU
Kaman K-Max N267KA
Boeing Vertol BV-107 II P2-CHE
Airbus Industrie A320-232 VH-VND
Beechcraft B300 Super King Air 350 VH-FIX
de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102 VH-QQC
EMBRAER EMB-110P1 Bandeirante VH-TLH
Jetstream Aircraft 3206 Jetstream 32 VH-OTD
Boeing 767-300ER N592HA
Cessna 441 Conquest II VH-TAZ
Boeing 737-700 VH-VBY
Airbus Industrie A319-115 VH-VHD
CASA 212-400 VH-VHA
Pilatus PC-12/45 VH-FGT
de Havilland Canada DHC-8-201 Dash 8 VH-TQG
Dassault Falcon 900C VH-PPD
Dornier 328-100 VH-PPJ
Fairchild SA227-AC Metro III VH-SEZ
Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream IV-SP ZK-KFB
Lockheed L382G-44K-30 Hercules N406LC
Douglas DC-3 (AMI DC-3TP conversion) ZS-OJJ
Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-28 Ceres "VH-WOT"
Cessna 172P Skyhawk VH-RWV
Fokker F27 Mk. 50 Fokker 50 PK-TSO
Rockwell Commander 114 VH-RNS
Rockwell Commander 114 VH-ZWM
Rockwell Commander 112A VH-SLN
Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 A37-001
AugustaWestland AW139 VH-SYJ
Bristol 170 Freighter "A81-1"
Boeing C-17 Globemaster III A41-207
Airbus Industrie A330-343X 9M-XXA
Boeing 747-400F N415MC
Cessna 441 Conquest II VH-LEM
Douglas EC-24A BuNo. 163050
Avions de Transport Régional ATR 72-500 YJ-AV72
Cessna 411A VH-MWJ
Lockheed C-130K Hercules C.1 XV200
Dornier Do 328-100 G-BWIR
Bombardier DHC-8-402 LX-LGE
Boeing 737-800 VH-XZJ
Piper PA-44-180 VH-OXA
Eurocopter EC120B VH-VCC
de Havilland Canada DHC-8-311 Dash 8 VH-QQN
Airbus Industrie A320-232 9V-JSD
Hawker de Havilland PC-9/A A23-045
Jetstream Aircraft 4101 Jetstream 41 VH-TAH
Avions de Transport Régional ATR 72-500 9M-FYC
Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8 Airvan VH-VEX
Airbus Industrie A320-232 VH-VNR
Boeing E-7A Wedgetail A30-006
Boeing P-8A Poseidon BuNo. 168429
Boeing 717-200 VH-YQS
Cessna 404 Titan VH-WZM
Ryan YQM-98A R-Tern 72-1872
Cessna 525C CJ4 ZK-PGA
Avions de Transport Régional ATR 42-300 VH-TOX
Jetstream Aircraft 3206 Jetstream 32 VH-NTL
British Aerospace 146-200QT VH-SFV
Jetstream Aircraft 3206 Jetstream 32 VH-OTD
Kingsford Smith Aviation Services KS-3 Cropmaster "VH-AJH"
Beechcraft B200 King Air VH-ZCR

Edited imagesEdit

These images have been have been edited using Picasa software:

Dassault Falcon 20H Gardian 72
Airbus Industrie A320-232 VH-VQP
Bombardier DHC-8-402 Dash Eight Q400 VH-QOH
Boeing 737-800 VH-VUN
de Havilland Australia DHA-3 Mk. 2 Drover VH-DHM
Fokker F28 Mk. 0100 Fokker 100 VH-FNJ
Avions de Transport Régional ATR 42-200 PK-YRN
Fokker F27 Mk. 50 Fokker 50 PK-RAL
EMBRAER EMB 110P1 Bandeirante VH-TLH
Boeing 707-138 VH-XBA
Boeing 737-700 BBJ A36-001
Boeing 777-200ER HL7597
Beagle A.109 Airedale VH-UEH
Fairchild SA227-TT Merlin IIIC VH-RCI
Boeing 747-400BCF PH-MPP
Douglas DC-8-62 ZS-OSI
Boeing 737-300 (freighter conversion) ZK-TLA
Airbus Industrie A320-232 VH-VQH
Airbus Industrie A319-115 VH-VHD
Schweizer 269C VH-FUJ
Tupolev Tu-154M 101
Harbin Y-12 IV YJ-AV5
Harbin Y-12 IV YJ-AV5
Saab 340A (freighter conversion) VH-EKT
Beechcraft 200T Super King Air N857GA
Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 400XP VH-NTX
Raytheon Aircraft 400A Beechjet VH-IPG
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MU-300 Diamond I N417KT
Piper PA-31P Pressurised Navajo VH-SGA
Piper PA-31P-350 Mojave VH-PGW
Boeing 737-800 VH-VXB
Piper PA-31 Navajo VH-XGL
Boeing 737-300 PK-AWU
Airbus Industrie A330-202 VH-EBD
Airbus Industrie A320-232 ZK-OJO
Griffon Lionheart N985CC
Bombardier CL-600-2B19 CRJ200LR N2305V
Saab 340BPlus N386AE
Boeing 717-200 N924ME
Lockheed C-130H-30 Hercules A-1317
Lockheed C-130H Hercules NZ7002
Aermacchi AL-60A1 VH-ELI
Sikorsky VH-60N White Hawk 163264
Grumman C-2A 162148
Airbus Industrie A340-300 CC-CQE
Boeing 747-400 9M-MPB
Boeing 747-400ER VH-OEJ Wunala Dreaming
Douglas DC-3 VH-ABR
Boeing 737-800 VH-YFC
Airbus Industrie A330-200 VH-XFB
Boeing 767-300 (freighter conversion) VH-EFR
Bombardier DHC-8-300Q OE-LTK
Dornier Do 228-200 TF-CSG
Fokker F27-100 PH-FHF
Airbus Industrie A318-100 G-EUNA
Lockheed C-121C Constellation VH-EAG
Lockheed VC-121A Constellation 48-0614
Cessna U-3A 58-2107
Piper U-11A Aztec 149067
Cessna 310B VH-REK
McDonnell Douglas MD-11F N288UP
Beechcraft B200C King Air VH-VAE
Avions de Transport Régional ATR 72-500 VH-FVI
Gulfstream Aerospace GVI N305CC
Diamond Aircraft Industries DA42 Twin Star VH-FNV
Boeing 474-400 VH-OJA
Boeing 474-400 VH-OJA
Boeing 474-400 VH-OJA
GippsAero GA10 VH-XGY
British Aircraft Eagle 2 VH-UTI
Douglas A-4K Skyhawk NZ6216
Douglas C-47B Dakota VH-EAF
Cesnna 525 Citation M2 N824MT
Avro RJ85 N355AC
British Aerospace 146-200 VH-SUF

Converted imagesEdit

These images are digital versions of photos taken with a 35mm film SLR camera:

Fokker F27 Mk. 50 Fokker 50 VH-FNI
Canadair Challenger 600S N7JM
Boeing 737-500 921
Boeing 747-100 (freighter conversion) N672UP
Weatherly 620B VH-WEI
Weatherly 620B VH-WEI
Goair Trainer VH-BBR
Miles M.38 Messenger VH-ZZM
Gates Learjet 35A VH-SLD
Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-18 Mustang VH-JUC
Fairchild SA227-DC Metro 23 VH-HWR
Saab 340B VH-CMH
Saab 340A VH-KDP
Fairchild Swearingen SA226-TC Metro II VH-KGX
Government Aircraft Factory N22B Nomad A18-304
SB Lim-2 (licence-built Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15UTI) VH-LSN
Beechcraft 65-B80 Queen Air VH-AEQ
Avro 652A Anson I VH-BAF
Douglas C-47B-35-DK Skytrain A65-95
Boeing 717 VH-VQF

Other imagesEdit

Images other than those showing complete aircraft that I have uploaded to illustrate articles:

REX Saab 340 with caricature of MP Kay Hull
Detail of Embraer 170 tailplane
Mural painted on the fuselage of a REX Saab 340
Two Boeing 747 freighters at Qantas Freight's cargo-handling facility at Melbourne Airport
View of Hobart Airport in 2008
South Sydney Rabbitohs decal on the nose of a Virgin Blue Boeing 737
Nose of an Atlas Air Boeing 747 operating for Qantas
Lycoming LTIO-540 flat-six piston engine
New Zealand band the Headless Chickens reunited for a one-off concert in 2008
Virgin Blue Boeing 737 with special paint scheme to promote the movie Avatar
Continental IO-360 flat-six piston engine
Lycoming LIO-360 flat-four piston engine
Annunciator panel of a Cessna 441 Conquest II
Annunciator panel of a Cessna 441 Conquest II in close-up
Bristol Bloodhound missile
Boeing 727 freighters parked at DHL's facility at Sydney Airport
Pratt & Whitney R-1830 radial engine
Pratt & Whitney R-2000 radial engine
Blackburn Cirrus four-cylinder inverted-inline engine RHS
Blackburn Cirrus four-cylinder inverted-inline engine LHS
Wright R-3350 Turbo-Compound radial engine
de Havilland Gipsy Major four-cylinder inverted-inline engine
Walter M337 six-cylinder inverted-inline engine
Vrgin Australia Boeing 737 arrives at Sydney Airport to unveil the airline's new corporate identity
Retractable bomb rack of a Short Sunderland
Gun pack of a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17
Porsche PFM 3200 flat-six piston engine
Pratt & Whitney JFTD12 turbine engines
Piper Aztec fin and rudder
Pair of venturi tubes on the fuselage of a Piper Colt
Venturi tube detail
Venturi tube detail
Firewall on the engine nacelle of a Douglas C-47
Oleo torque link landing gear leg of a Piper Navajo
Spring steel landing gear leg of a Victa Airtourer
Trailing link landing gear with rubber discs in compression for shock absorption of a Mooney M20
Steel-tube landing gear leg of a Cessna Cardinal
Oleo trailing link landing gear leg of a Cessna 404
Devonport, Tasmania, Australia
Devonport Airport, Tasmania, Australia
Devonport Airport, Tasmania, Australia
Grumman Yankee horizontal stabiliser with elevator and pitch trim tab
Cessna 404 wing with aileron and roll trim tab
CAC Boomerang engine cowling showing cowl flaps
CAC Boomerang engine cowling showing cowl flaps
Strahan Airport, Tasmania, Australia
Strahan Airport, Tasmania, Australia
Strahan Airport, Tasmania, Australia
Passenger terminal at Griffith Airport, New South Wales, Australia
Rolls-Royce AE 3007 turbofan engine
Rolls-Royce AE 3007 turbofan engine
Rear fuselage detail of Qantas Boeing 747-400 City of Canberra
Rear fuselage and wing of Qantas Boeing 747-400 City of Canberra
Pratt & Whitney F117 turbofan engine
Underwater Locator Beacon for a flight recorder with a ballpoint pen for scale
Flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder in the rear equipment bay of an aircraft
Patient stretcher installation in an air ambulance aircraft
Renault 6Q10 six-cylinder inverted-inline engine
Omaka Aerodrome, Blenheim, New Zealand
Detail view of Cessna Grand Caravan horizontal stabilizer with TKS fluid de-icing system holes with a rule for scale
Wing leading edge detail of a Cessna Citation Mustang showing inflatable de-ice boot
Propeller blade with TKS deice boot
Detail of propeller blade with TKS deice boot
Propeller with electric deice boots
Detail of propeller blade with electric deice boot
Dassault Falcon 50 centre engine S-duct
Detail of Dassault Falcon 50 centre engine S-duct
Detail of Dassault Falcon 50 centre engine S-duct
Detail of Dassault Falcon 50 centre engine S-duct with engine bypass fan visible
Refuelling boom of an Airbus A330 MRTT
Virgin Australia lounge at Melbourne Airport
AlliedSignal (Honeywell) turbine GTCP36-150 auxiliary power unit
AlliedSignal (Honeywell) turbine GTCP36-150 auxiliary power unit
Pratt & Whitney PW615 turbofan engine
Garmin GWX 68 radar unit
Semi-monocoque structure inside Cessna CitationJet rear fuselage
Garrett TFE731-4R turbofan engine
Garrett TFE731-4R turbofan engine
LLC (LCM-1E) landing craft inside HMAS Canberra
Passenger terminal at Bankstown Airport, New South Wales, Australia
University of NSW School of Aviation hangar, Bankstown Airport, New South Wales, Australia
Continental O-200-A engine
Continental O-200-A engine
Continental O-200-A engine
Cockpit Voice Data Recorder (CVDR)
Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport, Conroe, Texas, United States
Strother Field airport, Hackney, Kansas, United States
North Houston Airport, Porter Heights, Texas, United States
Ram air turbine on the forward fuselage of a Dassault Falcon 7X
Air traffic control tower, Bankstown Airport, New South Wales, Australia
Air traffic control tower, Bankstown Airport, New South Wales, Australia

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