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Long time avid Wikipedia reader. In May 2023 I found myself making increasingly frequent anonymous edits, so decided to finally make it official.

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The following text was disallowed due to WP:SYNTH. I have since seen the light, but still don't like it.

In an article about the general issue of homelessness in the city, The Guardian said, "like in the rest of the country, existing while unsheltered is essentially criminalized in New York. While New York doesn’t explicitly outlaw sleeping outside, most city parks close overnight, and there are regulations against obstructing sidewalks and sleeping across multiple subway seats."[1]

  1. ^ Chan, Wilfred (May 25, 2023). "Will America's first 'right to sleep outside' actually help unhoused people?". The Guardian. ISSN 0261-3077. Archived from the original on Jun 1, 2023. Retrieved June 2, 2023.

War of 1812 - Indigenous nations edit

After much confrontation between settlers and tribes, and failed attempts to assimilate Indians to a life of farming and ranching, they were ultimately sent to various reservations.[1][2][3] The War of 1812 marked a turning point in the history of the Old Northwest because it established United States authority over the British and Indians of that border region.[4]

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BLP Naming accused perpetrators of crimes notes edit

2023 Goshen shooting: named 9 days after incident on day suspects arrested; no discussion

2023 Half Moon Bay shootings: not named from start, but sole citation did name; named in article 20 minutes after creation by different editor; no discussion about naming perp, but much discussion about whether to note that perp ethnicity was same as 2023 Monterey Park shooting a day earlier (connection is not made in current revision of article)

2023 Beverly Crest shooting: suspects named from start; no discussion

2023 Dadeville shooting: created day after event, 10:55, 16 April 2023 first named: Two minor suspects being charged as adults at 15:11, 19 April 2023 names redacted: 09:14, 23 April 2023‎ by first talk editor names restored: 17:28, 23 April 2023 by IP editor without commenting on talk, edit description: Added back accused names, publicly available and shown on all related news media.


  • removing names bc blpcrime, not well-known, some suspects minors, if we redact for month or two we lose nothing
  • include: all except one minor widely named in RS, censorship to exclude
  • include: agree with above

2023 Bowdoin–Yarmouth shootings: pseudo-named from start (name in citation article title; named in article 6 days after incident with edit description: added suspects name in infobox, unclear why it was never added as several accused criminals are named in similar articles; nominated for deletion on talkpage for not-notable, no other discussion

2023 Cleveland, Texas shooting: not named from start, named on day of incident while suspect was still at large; discussion: 1 ok to name whenever, 1 ok to name when arrested and charged, 1 pointing out BLPCRIME conviction but ok to name per WP:IAR(!!); much discussion about 5 time (dubiously? Rick Allen) alleged illegal alien (hispanic) background, motive (angry neighbor interaction, or racial?)

2023 Richmond shooting: named day after incident (maybe as soon as reported in RS?); no discussion

2023 Denver shooting: not named start or initial citation; added day after incident using one citation of three reporting name; no discussion

2023 Fort Worth shooting: not initially named as not reported; named same day suspects were identified (3 days after incident); no discussion

Shooting of Ralph Yarl: not initally named in article (described as 80 yr-old white male), but named in first citations; named later same day of article creation by different editor based on same citations but with no discussion; inclusion challenged a week later, answered with !vote to name, no further discussion; much discussion about excessive and irrelevant biographical details of shooter; acrimonious discussion about possible racial component/motive

2023 Arkabutla shootings: named from start, no discussion

Killing of Dylan Lyons: named from start, 1 comment to not name but no discussion

2023 Davis, California stabbings: named from start, not discussed

Killing of Kaylin Gillis: named from start, not discussed

Shooting of Payton Washington: named from start with no discussion, 1 talk comment to delete article (non-notability)

2023 Brownsville crash: named as soon as published (inc. past criminal history), 1 talk page comment with citations but no opinion

Killing of Ajike Owens: not named, discussed: 2 ok to name but in no rush

Killing of Banko Brown: named from start, not discussed

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