The Real Saragossa is my favourite football team

I was born in Saragossa (Aragon). I'm computer engineer. I'm an habitual collaborator and sysop of Biquipedia. But I collaborate too putting connections in the Spanish Wikipedia, English Wikipedia and Oiquipedià.

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About Aragonese WikipediaEdit

  • In spite of be a small community, we're classified in the 4th place of Wikipedias by articles per population
  • Ido and Interlingua are both artificial languages and Cornish is a revived language, so Aragonese Wikipedia is the first Wikipedia of a natural non-revived language.
  • We are 30.000 (I think that really we are a little bit less) speakers of Aragonese and there are of English speakers, so if we were speakers of Aragonese now we would have 148.333.333 articles!!!
  • If there were only 30.000 English speakers, now there were only 41 articles on English Wikipedia.



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