Hello! My name is Ryan. Old video games are kind of my thing. You can find me on twitter.

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I've created 38 articles for games on the Game Boy Color (6.8% of all 559 English language games or 4.1% of all 916 games)

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The Book of Watermarks  

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I've updated 9 of the 106 (8%) articles for exclusive games for the Xbox. You can find out more on progress here.

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Indie games: Actual SunlightSave the Date

Surreal games: 78641Broken RealityCookiesDie AnstaltDominique PamplemousseEndacopiaGoblet GrottoGolden LightHotel SowlsHow Fish Is MadeHylics 2In SomnioIsolomusLife Tastes Like CardboardLost In VivoMagnus ImagoMilk outside a bag of milk outside a bag of milkMitozaNo DeliveryOK/NORMALPerfect VerminPlug & PlayPost VoidPUSS!REDTAPESluggish MorssStray Cat CrossingStrange TelephoneStrangelandSubway MidnightSuits: A Business RPGTetrageddon GamesThe Midnight StationWhere They Cremate The Roadkillwill you ever returnWurroomYOU LEFT ME.Yuppie Psycho

Haunted PS1 games: FilthbreedLorn's LureNowhere, MI

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