I am an independent topographic researcher. Most of my edits are related to topographic matters. I am the proprietor of the Viewfinder Panoramas website where I make topographic data and panoramic maps freely available to all users.

I have used this page to present some interesting ancestral background. While most of the information on my mother's side can be sourced to numerous sites that document the peerages of the nations that make up the United Kingdom, I am grateful to my cousin Frances Ross for her research into the ancestors of my father. In particular, the above link documents the Italian ancestry, most of which is not reproduced here.

My father's mother, a skating champion and the daughter of a railway engineer, was a St. Kilda resident for three years.

Family of Viewfinder
Giovanni Batista Zani de Ferranti (1783-1857)
Italy Marco Aurelio Zani de Ferranti (1801-1878)
Maria Franzarolli
Giulio Cesare de Ferranti (1831-1903)
Joachim van Bever
Belgium Trinette Julia van Bever (-1851)
Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti (1864-1930)
William Scott (1777-1855)
England William Scott (1797-1862)
Ann Walton (1776-1839)
Juliana Scott (1825-1906)
Peter Myers
United States Sally Myers (1799-1883)
Hepzibeth Everitt
Vincent Ziani de Ferranti (1893-1980)
England Edward Bret Ince (1808-?1827)
Francis Ince (1841-1920)
England Ann Finnie
Gertrude Ince (1869-1959)
France Jean Francois Buisson (1797-?)
Zoe Buisson (1843-1924)
England Dorothy J. Smithers (1816-1852)
Basil de Ferranti (1930=1988)
Job Wilson (1776-fl1861)
England John Wilson (1806-1859)
Hester Ball (1776-1864)
Charles Herbert Ball Wilson (1835-1876)
England Ann Hall (1807-1866)
Reginald Page Wilson (1866-1950)
Collin Campbell
England John Algeo Bullock Campbell (1809-1862)
Margaret Bullock
Charlotte Margaret Campbell (1835-fl.1911)
Thomas Fuller (1789-1845)
England Charlotte Fuller (1809-?)
Dorothy Wilson (1895-1993)
Beer Behrend (1770-1803)
Kingdom of Hanover David Behrend (1794-1863)
Gittel Levi (1778-1839)
Samuel Hesse Behrend (1837-1893)
Kingdom of Hanover Miriam Hesse (1797-1860)
Ada Sarah Hemsworth Behrend (1870-1930)
William Dewhirst (1780-1841)
England James Dewhirst (1803-1855)
Harriet Ann Wilcock Dewhirst (1842-1895)
David Wilcock (1786-1847)
England Sarah Ann Wilcock (1813-1858)
Hannah Butterfield (1786-1841)
Jonathan de Ferranti (1957-)
Edward Gore (-1801)
England Charles Gore (1765-1841)
Barbara Browne (1729-)
George Gore (1807-1887)
Richard Little
England Harriet Little
Francis William George Gore (1855-1938)
Wales Thomas Bates Rous
Frances Anne Rous
Christopher Gerald Gore (1903-1954)
Lewis Watson, 2nd Baron Sondes (1754-1806)
England George Milles, 4th Baron Sondes (1794-1874)
Mary Elizabeth Milles (1767–1818)
George Milles, 1st Earl Sondes (1824-1894)
Sir Edward Knatchbull, 8th Baronet (1758-1819)
England Eleanor Knatchbull (1803-1883)
Mary Hawkins (-1850)
Constance Grace Milles (1864-1941)
Sir Josias Henry Stracey, 4th Bt (1771-1855)
England Henry Stracey (1802-1885)
Diana Scott (-1854)
Charlotte Stracey (1837-1927)
George Denne
England Charlotte Denne (1817-1884)
Charlotte Snoulton
Susan Sara Gore (1935-2021)
Maj.-Gen. Archibald Montgomerie, Lord Montgomerie (1773-1814)
Scotland Archibald Montgomerie, 13th Earl of Eglinton (1812-1861)
Lady Mary Montgomerie (-1848)
George Arnulph Montgomerie, 15th Earl of Eglinton (1848-1919)
Thomas Gleadowe-Newcomen, 2nd Viscount Newcomen
Theresa Newcomen (1809-1853)
Harriet Holland
Archibald Seton Montgomerie, 16th Earl of Eglinton (1880-1945)
John Cuninghame, 13th of Craigends (1759-1822)
Scotland Boyd Alexander Cuninghame (1814-1860)
Margaret Cuningham-Fairlie (-1862)
Janet Lucretia Cuninghame (1854-1923)
John Wilkinson
Mary Wilkinson (-1902)
Barbara Montgomerie (1909-1992)
North Dalrymple, 9th Earl of Stair (1776-1864)
Scotland John Dalrymple, 10th Earl of Stair (1819-1903)
Margaret Penny (-1828)
John Dalrymple, 11th Earl of Stair (1848-1914)
Augustin Louis Joseph Casimir Gustave de Franquetot, Duc de Coigny
ScotlandFrance Louisa de Franquetot (-1896)
Henrietta Dundas Dalrymple-Hamilton
Beatrice Susan Dalrymple (1881-1962)
Sir George Grant-Suttie of Balgone, 5th Bt (1797-1878)
Scotland James Grant-Suttie (1830-1878)
Lady Harriet Charteris (-1858)
Susan Harriet Grant-Suttie (-1946)
James Innes-Ker, 6th Duke of Roxburghe (1816-1879)
Scotland Susan Harriet Innes-Ker (1837-1909)
Susanna Dalbiac (1814-1895)
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