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Lo mismo que er fuego fatuo,
lo mismito es er queré.
Le juyes y te persigue,
le yamas y echa a corré.

Manuel de Falla, Gregorio Martínez Sierra:
El amor brujo (Canción del Fuego Fatuo).
Then someone came to me and said
The little fishes are in bed...
I took a corkscrew from the shelf
I went to wake them up myself.
And when I found the door was locked,
I pulled and pushed and kicked and knocked
And when I found the door was shut,
I tried to turn the handle, but-

"Is that all?" Alice timidly asked. "That's all," said Humpty Dumpty. "Good-bye."

Published books about Sklep:

  • Andelová, Lenka (1999). Sklep : 1971-1999. Prague, Pražská scéna. ISBN 80-86102-00-9.
  • Schmidt, Otakáro (1993) Tajů plný ostrov : Divadlo Sklep. Olomouc : David Hrbek ; Boskovice : Formát. ISBN 80-901260-5-7

Notable members of the theatre Sklep: