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Greetings! By day I am a consultant from Portland, Oregon.

My interests include hiking, engineering, woodworking, biochemistry, and history.


New Page Patrolling

Many of my Wikipedia edits involve patrolling new pages. If you have questions about my edits to a page you just created (or questions on just about anything else), please feel free to contact me on my talk page.

If someone has contacted you offering to fix or create a page for you in exchange for money or other compensation, you are being victimized by an attempted scam. If this is the case, you can let me know privately by contacting me here.


If a page you created has been deleted[1], it probably[2] will be moved to your user page upon request so you can improve it without risk of deletion. You can create a request for a page to be userfied at Wikipedia:Requests for undeletion, but if you need help feel free to contact me.

Maintenance tags

I place maintenance tags on articles, particularly new articles, if I see an opportunity for improvement. Many of these tags are quite precise and self explanatory, but others are a little ambiguous. If you have made additional edits that solve the problems addressed by the tags, feel free to remove them without discussion beyond a descriptive edit summary. If it it not immediately obvious why I placed a particular tag on an article, please let me know so I can improve my skills at collaboration. Please consider not removing fresh maintenance tags without discussion and/or improvements to the article.

Useful links

Ribbons, articles and feedback


  1. ^ Unlike many links on this page, WP:Why was my page deleted? is an essay, not a policy. It contains great information, but may not reflect the same consensus generally reflected in a policy. For the relevant policy, see Wikipedia:Deletion policy.
  2. ^ Pages that were deleted for reasons such as notability, missing references in a biography of a living person and the like are generally granted. If the page was deleted because it was an attack page, blatant advertising, pure vandalism, or copyright violation, then it probably will not be userfied.