• Full Name: Regunathan Umapathy
  • Native language: Tamil
  • Other languages: Fluent in English, can understand Sinhala
  • Messengers (Yahoo/Skype/MSN/Google): umapathyxp
  • Residence: XB/3/3/1, Housing Scheme, Edmonton Road, Colombo 05, sri Lanka.

Educational QualificationsEdit

  • BSc (Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics) with 2nd Class, University of Bangalore, India, year 2002. Index No: 002 DV 024.
  • GCE AL (Sri Lanka) A & 3S year 1998, Index No: 6104126.
  • GCE OL (Sri Lanka) 6D & 2C year 1994, Index No: 45371431.

Professional QualificationsEdit

  • CMC (Crisis Management Centre) operator certification course,UNDSS (United Nations Department of Safety and Security),Colombo. 4 June 2006 to 10 June 2006.
  • Workshop on Linux as your operating system, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. 27th & 28th May 2006.
  • SAT (Security Awareness Training), UN World Food Programme,Kilinochchi. 17 Oct 2005 to 19 October 2005.
  • WFPTC02-Telecommunications for IT Experts (TCFITE) training hosted by WFP Sri Lanka, 10-13 October 2005.
  • Passed MCP Windows 2000 server (70-215) with 820 out of 1000, March 14, 2004. Listed via http://idm.edu/MCPlist.html.
  • Certificate in GIS (Geographic Information System), University of Peradeniya, Dec 1-6, 2003. Listed via http://www.gissl.lk/participants_1/par.htm
  • Diploma in IMSMA intermediate course, 1-5 September 2003, SRSA/UNDP Jaffna.
  • IMSMA (information Management System for Mine Action) Data Entry Training by GICHD (Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining), Colombo 24-27 May 2003.
  • MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). Qualified by passing Windows 2000 professional (70-210), 2003 Microsoft and MCP ID #2934262, April 20, 2003.
  • CompTIA (Computing Technology Industrial Association) certified A+ Computer Service Technician. CompTIA and IDM computer studies, 2003, Carrier ID: COMP00100091. Listed via A+ Certified
  • FSD (Swiss Federation for Mine Action) GMAA (General Mine Action Assessment) course, FSD, 2002.
  • Successfully completed course on Java Programming fundamentals of Certified Internet Web Master, IDM computer studies 2002.
  • Graduate training program in IT 2002. University of Colombo.

Research & PublicationsEdit

  • Tamil wikipedia: Tamil wikipedia (http://ta.wikipeida.org) the free Encyclopaedia. I started contributing to the Tamil wikipedia from 7 Aug 2005 till date. Contributed over 62 articles.
  • Networking e-book: Consists of networking essentials, electronic book with text to speech facility. This and the next one are designed for Windows 2000 and can be used in any windows machine with additional files from Microsoft. This e-book can be downloaded freely or available on request via email.
  • Text to Speech: Web pages speak. No wonder. Web pages are designed with VBScript with Microsoft Agent. Please visit http://geocities.com/umapathyxp/cv.html for details. Continued to research in text to speech in other applications such as Visual Basic.
  • “Be Successful”: An article which induces the reader to be more successful in life. National First Grade College annual magazine, University of Bangalore, India year 2002.
  • Project Report: Final year project of my degree exam; Programmer’s Editor using Borland C++. Project documentation consists of 92 pages including the source code of the project.

Professional RepresentationEdit

  • Member of Bhashaindia, tscii, euthavi and various forums.
  • Member of MDC(Mozilla Developer Connection).
  • Member of Tom’s advisory panel. Best site for hardware related details. Login name: Umapathy.


ICT (Information and Communication Technology) AssistantEdit

WFP Mulliyavalai, Mullaitivu, Working from 14 March 2005 till date. Job includes

  • Install and maintain computers and other ICT related equipment in the existing network
  • Maintain and supervise the LAN based activity including maintenance and support of available peripherals and functions namely gateways, CDROMs, modem pools, switches and routers.
  • Install and administer Lotus notes on the system.
  • Provide user support, hands on training and advise for all ICT related matters.
  • Support HF/VHF equipment
  • Install, Support, repair and supervise the maintenance of the solar packs, generators, UPS, voltage regulators and other electric installation/rectification equipment ensuring maximum uptime.

Regional Information ClerkEdit

Mine Action, UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). Worked for IMSMA (Information Management System for Mine Action) Vavuniya. The job includes validating updating, verifying the database (Front end MS Access and Back end: SQL Server). IMSMA is the tool for planning. Extensively worked with GIS (Geographic Information System) system. Worked from 23rd October 2002 to March 2005. Job includes

  • Enter all mine related information to IMSMA include Socio-Economic Impact survey, Technical Survey, Mine Field report, Clearance report, Progress report and Completion report.
  • Enter Mine & UXO incidents and demining accidents in IMSMA by verifying from different sources such as organisation involved in MRE and from different media from local newspapers and websites like Tamilnet
  • Enter MRE (Mine Risk Education) reports
  • Send whole IMSMA electronic update to Colombo office and get updates from the Colombo office on a regular basis.
  • Produce map to various humanitarian agencies. Supported map to TRO Kilinochchi soon after Tsunami disaster in locating the IDP camps.
  • Produce summary reports through IMSMA Rep.
  • Maintain filing system for archiving purposes of the entered IMSMA forms.
  • Maintaining computers including updating the antivirus on a weekly basis and the office network.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Extra Curricula ActivitiesEdit

  • Sports: Chess competition 2nd place 2002. National First Grade College, University of Bangalore, India.
  • Driving Licence: Having Motorbike riding licence (class D).
  • Typing: English 35wpm and Tamil more than 20wpm.


  • Highly successful C++ based editor 2002, Final year project of my degree course.
  • System Debug 3rd place 2001, Inter College Competition, University of Bangalore, India.
  • Lecture competition 3rd place 2000. National First Grade College, University of Bangalore, India.
  • Distinction in 6 Subjects GCE OL a Special Certificate awarded by St John’s College, Jaffna.